Luka Chupi movie download by the website filmywap

Luka Chupi movie download by the website filmywap 

It is not illegal for couples to live together, but the vast majority of people still do not view live-in relationships in a favorable way.

For them, they treat marriage as the most sacred ties of the family, whereas today’s younger generation is not in the mood to decide directly who their life partner will be. Having gotten to know his partner better, he wants to choose a partner.

The director Laxman Utekar has made a film called Luka Chupi with characters who hold two completely opposing views. In which, the hero (Karti Aryan) holds that if someone loves someone people should get married for their sake.

Luka Chupi movie download

Although the heroine and narrator of the movie Rashmi (Kriti Senan) believe that even though there is love, it does not matter whether the people who love one another will maintain their relationship for life by trying to live in.

In the film, Guddu is a journalist working for a local cable channel in a city like Mathura, who is a star reporter in the industry.

She is the only daughter of Sarve Sarva Trivedi (Vinay Pathak) who is also a leader in the media and a leader in the political party, who studies in Delhi.

At the internship, he joined Guddu’s local station, where the two fell in love. So far so good, except this one thing. Rashmi wants to live with Guddu as a live-in with him.

Rashmi’s father Trivediji has made a show banning some of his films as a result of the fact that the actor Nazim Khan has been living with the family. Now, his party’s anger is manifesting itself in love couples in Mathura.

When they see a loving couple, members of its party turn black on the inside of their mouths. In it, Guddu’s friend Abbas (Aparshakti Khurana) plans to go to Glacier to get a story for TV, while they can try each other for a week-long journey with a live-in in Gwalior.

The couple will soon get married after renting a house in Gwalior and living in a live-in. But only then do they realize that they are in love.

A man by the name of Babulal sees Guddu and his wife together and presumes that they have been married, which has led Babulal and the extended family to summon Guddu and his family to Gwalior.

The family accepts Guddu and Rashmini both, but they discover that Guddu and Rashmini are not actually married to one another. They both attempt to steal their family’s secret marriage, but both fail.

Film director Laxman Utekar explores the concept of living together through his film. The film begins with a very light-hearted moment.

Nothing special occurs in the first half, but the second half is jam-packed with entertaining twists and turns. The long-running comedy has satirized in a very light-hearted way through marriages and live-in.

As a satire on gender balancing and caste systems, it is largely concerned with the plight of Guddu and Rashmina, two women placed in highly restrictive living situations, during which the householder is astounded not to inquire about their distance.

Yet the film is filled with enjoyable moments of situational comedy that make it very entertaining.

The actor looks very good in the character of Guddu. Her expression and the sincerity of her eyes make the character believable. Despite Karthik’s innocence, his character is bolstered by Kriti Sen’s portrayal of the character. It is her second time playing the role after ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’.

A good deal of chemistry seems to exist between the two actors. In the film, Pankaj Tripathi as Babulal Trivediji made the audience laugh with his special comic projection.

As part of the supporting cast, there is Aparshakti Khurana in the role of Abbas. The supporting cast has contributed greatly to the success of the film. The comedy is fantastic throughout the movie.


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