Manav Kaul had a great start to the year

Manav Kaul had a great start to the year

Manav Kaul’s web film ‘Nail Polish’ was released. After that, four films including ‘Madam Chief Minister’, ‘Saina’ and ‘Ajeeb Dastans’ have been released. At the same time, he has some big projects to come this year.

One of the four short films in the anthology film Ajeeb Dastans, available on Netflix, features the role of Kabir, the deaf-mute deaf painter. I forget about my work and about this phase of the current situation and career, Manav says, ‘It is good for me as an artist that projects are coming continuously one after the other.

It would be a little better if the atmosphere was normal and people would go to theaters and enjoy our films. However, films released in theaters are also available on digital platforms. I am happy that four of my projects have been released so far this year.

The work of the artist is completed only after people come out. After work, I forget what happened in the previous work. Hence, the enthusiasm for new work is also completely new. I feel that now my hard work is coming in front of people.

The length of the character is not important. In this short film, for his character, Manav gave about two months to learn sign language. On giving so much time to a project, he says, ‘The artist does not have any problem in giving three to four months to a project. Regardless of the length of the project or the character, it does not matter to me. No matter the length of the project, when you believe the director and co-star, you go ahead. The credit for playing any character well goes to his team along with the artist. ‘

The selection is right. It is often said that women tend to focus less on their personal happiness and life after marriage and children are born. On this, humans say, ‘We often think unilaterally about women in society. Today’s women are aware of their rights. Every person has his own personal preference as to what kind of life he wants to live. Men or women all have the right to choose the right partner and right path for themselves. There is nothing wrong or right in this. ‘

According to actor Manav, there is no formula to prepare, the artist has to start from scratch on the set every day. Regarding the preparation of the characters, he says, ‘Apart from the character’s nature, the way of understanding and preparing the character varies with different directors. Usually everything happens in the script itself.

On reading the script, again and again, we find something that matches our own personality. The cast has to start every day from scratch for each character and then move slowly. This new tip can be sign language, dance, or any language. In terms of acting, nothing is anticipated and that is the funniest thing about it.


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