Manu Galure, from Toulouse to Toulouse

After spending two years walking the roads of France, two years composing songs and singing them the same evening where his footsteps guided him, Manu Galure will finally be able to present his show at home, in Toulouse, to complete this loop. of 10,000 kilometers and 360 concerts as part of the Détours de chant festival. An unusual spectacle – but nothing ever is at Manu: two pianos, grand and upright, and prepared. Prepared? “This show was created in September 2020, after the walking tour started in December 2019, he explains. The confinement has put all this under cover, but the album” Vertumne “, which included the songs written during my Tour de France, is out and the show is ready, we have done about thirty dates. It revolves around our two prepared pianos, that is to say on which we stick tape, felt or I do not know what, in which we put screws, nails, bolts, to alter the sound. It’s playful and fun to watch, and we change every evening of “preparation”, live, in front of the public! ” Manu Galure will sing his beautiful ecological songs but never give lessons, accompanied by Lorenzo Naccaratto on the upright piano and Patrice Caumon, who takes care of the pianos, in addition to the lights and the sound. A solar spectacle that the superb setting of Saint-Pierre des Cuisines should radiate with sweetness and poetry. There is a Little Prince at Manu Galure, and we can’t wait to listen and see what he has drawn for us with his pianos and his guitar while traveling this crazy world.

Manu Galure in concert Thursday, September 9 at 8:30 p.m. at the Auditorium of Saint-Pierre des Cuisines (12, place St-Pierre). Prices from € 15.80 to € 18.80. Reservation and information on