Meetings of Astaffort, reunion with the public

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The last Astaffort Meetings date back to 2019. The culture having suffered with the Covid. The Voix du Sud association is happy to reconnect with the interns and the audience of the Rencontres.

They were to take place in March 2020, finally it is from September 2 to 10, 2021 that the Voix du Sud association, created by Francis Cabrel in 1992, will celebrate the 50th session of the Rencontres d’Astaffort.

The fifteen trainees arrive at Astaffort today Wednesday September 1st and they will start working tomorrow. They will be supervised by Daran (singer-songwriter and director), Jerôme Attal, author with confirmed career and pedagogue, Philippe Prohom singer-songwriter, Julien Lebart composer, arranger and director and Olivier Daguerre singer-songwriter, speaking on the text and structure of a song.

Selection chaired by Francis Cabrel

The trainees of the “50th session of the Rencontres d’Astaffort” are Paul’O, Hyl, Felipe Saldivia (composer for Christophe Maé, Kendji Girac…), Mister Mat, Tioma, Loudwig, Daphné Swan, Romtom, Gaume, Philippine, Lux’s Dream, O’Maley, Louise Quillet, Rosemarie and Jackprol.

They are professional artists, composers and performers. Their selection was made on file via a

positioning meeting chaired by Francis Cabrel.

The content of the training revolves around “songwriting”, a voice module through a session of co-writing in small supervised groups, a session of deepening arrangement and interpretation (accuracy and placement of voice ). Listening and analyzing songs.

The Writing Meetings constitute a high-level training course aimed primarily at professional artists. The smooth running of the system relies on a great deal of autonomy for the participants (decision-making autonomy and level of mastery of the skills used). The process is based on the crossing of different pedagogical approaches.

The final objective for each trainee is to be able to assess, improve, and supplement their professional qualifications; to develop and optimize skills in the area of ​​songwriting; to take his place within a creative team, to broaden his field of employment prospects. But also to be able to write and compose in a shared way, to master ancillary networks (SACEM…), to work with a deadline, to order within a specific framework. Finally, to put himself at the service of another project as a musician or singer.

The inaugural concert on September 3 is a great first for this 50th session. To your reservations!

September 3, 2021 : Opening concert Meetings with Gauvain Sers (Launched by Renaud in 2016, the singer from Creuse released his third album, committed, social and fair in the choice of words that depict the beauty and cruelty of the world) and presentation of the Voix du Sud prize by the La Poste foundation to two laureates.

September 7, 2021: Presentation to a jury of songs written since September 2 and selection of about fifteen of them for the show on September 10.

September 10, 2021 : Closing concert of the 50th Rencontres d’Astaffort, with the first part of the trainees composed of unpublished songs, written and arranged during these eight days and the concert of the sponsors: OURS, Pierre & Alain Souchon, father and son, mixing their three repertoires for a magical evening. Reservation link: