Middle-class melodies movie download by the website Filmywap

Middle-class melodies movie download by the website Filmywap 

A middle-class family, just like the title suggests, is what the story is about. One that everyone can relate to.

Raghava (Anand Devarakonda) is the son of Kondalarao (Goparaju Ramana), proprietor of Kaka Hotel in a village near Guntur where he makes excellent Bombay chutney.

Despite this, Raghava hopes to establish himself a hotel in Guntur and become famous by selling his Bombay chutney to the local people.

Middle-class melodies movie download

The father of Raghava did not like setting up a hotel in Guntur at all. However, Raghava falls in love with Sandhya in the end, as Varsha Bollamma, the daughter of Nageswararao, who is Mavoyya.

Sandhya, however, sees a different relationship between their father and their mother than that observed by their mother.

The movie tells how Raghava was successful in putting up a hotel in this situation, did he marry Sandhya, and how did Raghava’s journey unfold in this order. Things to see in the movie.


In this film, we follow a middle-class family who uses their device every day. It is not an adventure in the cinema.

It may be possible that Vinod also comes from a middle-class family; therefore, his mark was evident in the film. The story of the film is not unique. A lot of people know the story.

It’s the same story seen in many movies. However, the director has turned such a funny story with some funny scenes that go with the fun with a good narrative.

It is certain that each character is portrayed as closely as possible to those around them. Every character feels just like us every day.

Setting in Guntur, the movie reflects the atmosphere and accent of the state. The character of the hero’s father in particular has an awesome quality.

The movie’s hero is Kondalarao, a senior artist who has played many small roles through the years in many films and in many serials, as well as a regular character in many Tamil films.

He is played by Goparaju Ramana. In his anger, he cultivated humor. It is not hyperbole to state that those who have seen this film will recall for a long time the character of Kondalarao

This movie does not have many twists and turns. This is one reason for the smooth way in which the story is told. But the fun isn’t just in the entertainment. It’s in sharing it with others. Nobody gets bored watching the show.

The climax is a little depressing for those unlucky enough to not have a family member to watch this movie with. The movie’s been over for a long time.

If the director had focused on the climax and made the movie more interesting, I would have given it a better rating.

Anand Devarakonda is a perfect match for the role of Raghava. If not, in his words the Hyderabad dialect was heard more than the Guntur dialect. Chaitanya Garikapati played the role of Raghava’s friend Gopal very well.

Achcham looked like a Guntur lad. The heroine Varsha did justice to her role. They did full justice to the role of the rest of the cast.

Because every character in the movie has that scope. Director Tarun Bhaskar appeared at the end of the film and cultivated humor.

Another major strength of the film is the words. Janardhan Pasumarthi’s words are wonderfully written. Janardhan brought beauty to the scenes with such words as to how they are spoken in middle-class families, especially in the villages.

It is with these words that the film connects so many people. Especially for Guntur. The songs provided by Sweaker Agusti are also good. Especially the Guntur title song Adurs.

Also, Sunny Kurapati should definitely talk about camerawork as well. The surroundings of Guntur are very beautifully shown.

Editor Ravi Teja Girijala did full justice to his role by editing the film crispy in two and a half hours. Magnificent Creations architectural values ​​are good. Made a very good movie on a low budget.


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