Moissac: Tattoos, cinema … the Sarlac festival was a hit

the essential
Under the summer sun at the end of the day, young and old alike gathered in the heart of the Sarlac district in Moissac for a moment of conviviality. A great success!

The two main organizers of this Sarlac festival, canceled for 2 years from the traditional festivities of Moissac, Maryse Segondy, for the citizen council and Marion Guyodo, for the social center, with friendly associations providing their support, can be satisfied with this event . If the Covid 19 crisis has somewhat hampered greater attendance, we can say that adults and children have greatly benefited from the activities present.

Entrance was strictly controlled with compulsory pass, same masks, gel, fitting of a control bracelet.

Many animations

Henna tattoos have been all the rage among ladies and young ladies with artfully tattooed subjects. The “Carrousel des jardiniers”, from the Drôme, has not stopped “Turning the merry-go-round” with its pompom-gift. The wooden games and archers saw contestants test their skill or seek victory in the games. Others displayed their talents in painting or drawing.

The workshop that attracted was “Escale Confluences” where Frédéric Blachier and Eric were in great demand to improve comfort and safety on many bicycles; we will come back to that.

At 6.30 p.m., Maryse and Marion welcomed the mayor, Romain Lopez, accompanied by elected officials, Guy Lourmède, Claudine Matala, Marie-Line Deshamps, Soufiane Achchtoui. The mayor did not fail to “thank the organizers”: “This action allows children to play in a pleasant environment and adults to meet, to make contacts, to meet again. It is an excellent thing.”

After an aperitif served around 7 p.m. at 9 p.m., the cinema allowed a moment of relaxation and cheerfulness to the children and parents present. A very necessary moment at this time troubled by the pandemic and the crisis in Afghanistan. The party was a moment of meeting and discussion for all, a moment of simple conviviality such as one rarely finds in the current context, a moment that everyone was able to appreciate at its true value …