Montauban. Miss Midi-Pyrénées election: they dream of another scarf

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For the first time in many years, Tarn-et-Garonnaises representatives will be present at the Miss Midi-Pyrénées election this Saturday evening in Villemur-sur-Tarn.

They will be four Tarn-et-Garonnaises out of the fourteen misses in the running to try to win the crown of Miss Midi-Pyrénées, namely Melody Lo Wing (Miss Montauban), Melisa Dzafic (Miss Tarn-et-Garonne), as well as their first runners-up, in the order Lea Diagne, and Carla Silvestrini. The opportunity for them to live a sacred moment, these moments that remain forever engraved, whatever the final result.

It was Melody who donned Miss Montauban’s scarf in mid-June, in Montauban, before Melisa took on that of Tarn-et-Garonne at the beginning of July in Moissac. This Saturday evening, they will have all their chances and today give us their feelings before this great moment. In fact, these are three great days to which the girls will be entitled, three great days as well. The meeting of all the finalists was indeed fixed this Thursday morning at the castle of the Garrigue.

From the start, let’s get down to business with the traditional general culture questionnaire that will come into play in the final count. Then it’s time to learn the choreographies to be ready tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. Very impatient, I can’t wait (smile). Everything is going really well with the Midi-Pyrénées committee, which is very accessible and answers all our questions. It is a privilege to be able to participate at this time.

Mélody Lo Wing, 20, from Réalville, with a license in economic and social administration

Mélody Lo Wing

Mélody Lo Wing
Photo DR, Coralie Claverie.

How are you approaching this election?

Pressure ?

A bit though. It is a cut above Miss Montauban but it should not imprison us.

Did you have a normal summer or only had September 4th in mind?

We must think about it. I had to do lots of things to promote the city of Montauban and my scarf; I did it in my free time because I was working. Suffice to say that my days were full (smile).

A Miss Midi-Pyrénées election, is it getting ready?

Sure. In particular, I had prepared the general culture quiz with my sister. After and my election I also went to other departmental elections; it allowed me to meet lots of people and get to know some of the girls who will be competing in Villemur.

This Saturday night, as in sport, you studied your opponents on video?

(to smile). No, you have to do what you have to do first before knowing what others are going to do. Of course, the pressure is not the same, but you have to stay natural as much as possible. I just worked on my speech a little more (smile).

Which number will you scroll with?

I have the number 8. I am not superstitious because I had the 5 in Montauban (smile).

For Miss Montauban, your family had a Polynesian evening in Toulouse. And Saturday?

I was elected on June 12; on the morning of June 13 I requisitioned everyone for September 4. They will be there to encourage me.

Melisa Dzafic, 20, from Réalville, with a license in economic and social administration

Mélody Lo Wing

Mélody Lo Wing
Photo DR, Coralie Claverie.

How do you approach these three crazy days that await you?

With excitement. I really want to see how it goes and meet the other candidates. I very often see Carla, my first runner-up, but it’s more complicated for the others. We have an instagram group with the girls, we tried to do something together this summer but it was not possible. It’s difficult to organize all of them.

So it was a special summer for you too?

Especially since I had not planned to be elected Miss Tarn-et-Garonne (smile). So I organized myself during my work in restoration to take time, for me, to answer all the messages. Since my election, it’s crazy the number of messages I receive, it’s weird (laughs). I was not very active on the networks and I had to get started for all the people who follow me on the networks.

Have you prepared for this election?

I especially thought about the suitcase and the things that I absolutely should not forget (smile). Regarding the general culture questionnaire I watched the last of Miss France; as for my speech, i think i will keep it simple and myself.

Which number will you scroll with?

I am very happy because I have number 11, the same as the one I had in Moissac. In addition, the election takes place on the 4th, as in July. You can see it as a sign, no (smile).

Have you been lobbying?

We’ll see (smile). I will in any case try to have all the cards in hand to please my family; afterwards, the jury will decide.