Music Zone in Moissac: a sanctuary for musicians in the heart of the city

the essential
Music in zone made a small contribution! It is in the city center that a new boutique has indeed opened its doors. here, we find everything you need for music, and advice.

Summary of previous episodes: Géraud Calvet, worthy heir to Piou and “Dédé” his parents who, a few years ago, were located on rue de la République in Moissac (“Lo Matin Musical”, a real institution), had also embarked on the adventure with its own structure, “Music en Zone”, which you could not miss at the eastern entrance of the city, coming from Lafrançaise.

The sale of musical instruments, of course, but also the rental, repair and above all advice, so popular with budding musicians, have made the shop a place appreciated well beyond the limits of the department. But Géraud was keen to return to the city center. For the past two years, he has moved into this room adjacent to the Concorde cinema at 17 boulevard Pierre Delbrel, which he renovated during his free time.

A new place for music lovers

With the help of family and some friends for the move in August, the instruments were able to reach this new space, and the official opening of “Music Zone” (the “en” of Music en Zone made the costs of the return to town) was able to keep up on time, this Wednesday, September 1.

When you enter the premises, you cannot fail to appreciate the layout of the place, with in particular the exposed bricks on the ground floor where the guitars proudly stand. The mezzanine is dedicated to sound equipment as for the floor, it welcomes pianos and violins like a showcase, plunging onto a small patio where we feel that it will be good to remake the world between musicians.

A strong symbol, a few pictures by Moissagais photographer Olivier Castagné, who immortalized strong moments on the local stages, beautifully describe this new sanctuary: more than a business, this space will also be the place of all the meetings between the musicians of the region. , and it will participate in the revitalization of the district.

Music Zone is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.