Mylène Farmer is 60: ten things to know about the mega star

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Mylène Farmer celebrates her 60th birthday. If the star no longer has many secrets for her fans, she keeps a mystery for everyone else. La Dépêche will help you get to know Mylène Farmer better.

Both flamboyant and dark, with an extraordinary universe, Mylène Farmer has thousands of fans in France. Each of his albums is a success. The artist, who rose to prominence with “Mum is wrong” in 1984, still arouses as much mystery and attraction for his fans. She celebrated her 60th birthday on Sunday.

1 – Mylène Farmer is not her real name

Mylène Farmer is not her real name. Mylène Gautier’s name appears on her identity card. She was born on September 12, 1961 in Pierrefonds, Quebec where her father, an engineer, worked on the construction of a dam. Marguerite was her mother’s first name. She has a sister, Brigitte, and two brothers Jean-Loup and Michel. Jean-Loup died of a road accident at the age of 36 in 1996. Mylène is the third of the family.

2 – Prohibited from riding in adolescence

Teenager, the young Mylène often visits sick children in hospitals. She wanted to open an equestrian center for people with reduced mobility. But at 17, she suffered a serious fall from her horse near Saumur. She suffers from several fractures and a head trauma. She was then forbidden to continue riding.

3 – She advertised for Ikea

Before starting to sing, and before becoming Mylène Farmer, she worked several odd jobs. She notably took publicity photos. She posed for Ikéa furniture and shot commercials for Fiskars scissors, Loto, Caisse d’Epargne and Le Chat laundry. In 1984, a friend brought her to the audition of producers Laurent Boutonnat and Jérôme Dahan. Mylène is retained and records “Mum is wrong”. She becomes Mylène Farmer.

4 – A fan killed to meet her

On November 14, 1991, disappointed that Mylène Farmer did not respond to her letters, a fan went to Polydor, her record company, in the hope of meeting her. The receptionist does not want to give him the singer’s address. The fan goes mad with rage. Armed with a rifle, he kills employee Jean-François Pigaglio. This drama has deeply marked Mylène Farmer.

5 – She lived 23 years with a monkey

Mylène Famer loves horses, insects, crustaceans but also … monkeys. She owned a Capuchin monkey for twenty-three years. She had called it ET in tribute to the Steven Spielberg film. She introduced him to drawing. With her dogs, Mylène Farmer goes for a walk in the forest every day.

6 – In a relationship with a cartoon producer

At the start of her career, Mylène Farmer had a love affair with singer Axel Bauer. She then had sentimental stories with photographer Christophe Mourthé, guitarist Jeff Dahlgren, writer Marc Lévy. She has lived for many years with the director and producer of cartoons, Benoît di Sabatino.

7 – Discretion: its “deep nature”

Mylène Farmer is very rare in an interview. A media discretion, which could be seen as a marketing strategy, which the artist explains by its “deep nature”. She had even mentioned an “existential shyness” in the press. She feels more comfortable on stage than on television and hates talking about herself. She confided in 2001: “I did not do this job to be known but recognized”.

8 – His greatest fear: abandonment

“I’m afraid of being abandoned”. Mylène Farmer had made this confidence in the documentary “Ultimate creation” available in 2020 on Amazon Prime. “It sends me back to a recurring nightmare. I arrive on stage and the room is empty. The visceral fear of abandonment has existed in me since childhood,” she explained to the Parisian, September 24, 2020.

9 – Water vapor before his concerts

As the documentary “Ultime creation” showed, Mylène Farmer swallows water vapor before her concerts. “We inhale and it acts directly on the bronchi and the upper airways,” she explained to the Parisian.

10 – Records of all kinds

Mylène Farmer is the French singer who has sold the most records since 1984. Five of her albums have exceeded one million copies sold. She placed twenty-one singles at the top of the Top 50. She shot a 17-minute music video. She is the French artist who has sold the largest number of musical DVDs. Mylène Farmer is also the only French singer who has been able to fill the Stade de France twice: 160,000 seats sold in less than three hours. Its eighth tour, Nevermore, is scheduled for 2023: an eight-stadium tour for which tickets go on sale online on October 1, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.