National Award filmmaker Sumitra Bhave said goodbye to the world

National Award filmmaker Sumitra Bhave said goodbye to the world
Marathi filmmaker and writer Sumitra Bhave, who was a 7-time National Award winner, died in Pune due to prolonged illnesses. He breathed his last at the age of 78 in a private hospital in Pune on Monday morning.

Bhave, along with his colleague and co-director Sunil Sukhthankar, was considered an excellent film-maker who brought a major change in the Marathi film industry, which earned it commercial success and critical acclaim.

Work was done in radio also Pune-born Bhave (Sumitra Bhave) completed her MA in Political Science and later did a double MA in Political Science and Sociology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Later, he also worked as an NGO at Karve Institute of Social Sciences in Pune and Marathi newsreader with All India Radio.

The first short film was made in 1985
She made her first short film ‘Bai’ for Stree Vani in 1985, for which she received her first National Award for Best Non-Feature Film in Family Welfare (1986), followed by another short film ‘Pani’ in 1988. Received the National Award.

When Sumitra Bhave was making her first film, she came in contact with Sunil Sukhthankar, an FTII graduate, and worked with her as an assistant director. He made a Marathi film ‘Dogi’ (1995), for which he received the Maharashtra State Film Award and another National Award in 1996.

Sumitra made these films
He (Sumitra Bhave) colluded in another National Award winner ‘Vastupurush’ (2002) and ‘Dahvi Fa’, which won the Best Director and Best Film Award at the 2003 Maharashtra State Film Awards.

Both the films ‘Devarai’ (2004) received the National Award and television serials ‘Katha Sarita’ and ‘Majhi Shala’ also received several state awards. Her other major films were ‘Kasava’ (2016) which received National Award in 2017, ‘Aastu’ (2013) which received National Award, and other short and feature films which were given awards at various Indian and International Film Festivals around the world. Gone.


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