One step away from the reunion of Daryl and Leah in ‘The Walking Dead’: What will happen to their relationship?

It seems that the survivor with whom the character played by Norman Reedus had his first romance in the development of the series could appear in the fourth episode of season 11, ‘Rendition’ (11 × 04).

Additional episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead that AMC premiered last February were not only a surprise in themselves, but, despite being chapters very focused on the characters and not so much on the plot, they hosted some revelations that delighted their followers. An example of this is what fate had in store for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and little Hershel since they had left the Hilltop or Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) trip back in time, when in the early days of the zombie apocalypse he survived with his wife Lucille. Nevertheless, the star revelation was undoubtedly that of Daryl’s romance with a lonely survivor during the years he stayed away from the group after the disappearance of Rick Grimes.

Thus, in the episode ‘Find Me’ (10×18) We were able to meet Leah (Lynn Collins), a lonely and tough woman who was also the mistress of the dog with whom Daryl returned to Alexandria. The romance between the two was presented in the series quite decaffeinated and ended when, after a simple argument, she left. Daryl then left her a note inviting her to meet him in the future … And so it was.

The team of the series led by Angela Kang already promised in their day that the plot between both characters was not completely finished and it would be revisited in the final season. Said and done, the official trailer for the eleventh installment already revealed that the reunion would occur in the first part of eight episodes that is broadcast on AMC -and FOX Spain in our country- since last August 22.

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In the aforementioned trailer, the scene of a member of the Reapers (Reapers) with Dog and a shocked Daryl looking directly at the “hooded” left no room for doubt: we would see Leah again. Although his whereabouts to date was unknown, Lynn Collins’ character returns as a member of the group from which Maggie is fleeing and which is leaving so many victims in her wake.

As they seem to advance the promos of the episode next Sunday, the reunion between Daryl and Leah will take place in the fourth episode of season 11, ‘Rendition’ (11×04), which will be released on September 12 on AMC and simultaneously at dawn on FOX Spain -which broadcasts the dubbed version of the chapter the next day-. The face of Daryl that has not gone unnoticed in the ‘teaser’ is an authentic poem and what happens as a result of the confrontation between both groups, each being on one side, promises to be one of the heartbreaking moments of the first part of the season .

Nor does the Official synopsis for season 4:

Daryl and Dog are captured by the Reapers, taken to the Meridian and meet someone again.

Nonetheless, Norman Reedus had been a veritable grave about Leah in speaking of the group they were up against: “They are very professional. They know how to kill, “Reedus assured Entertainment Weekly. “They know how to take care of themselves. They have a certain set of tactical skills that we’ve never seen before. So they are used to pain, they are used to fighting it.” The episode will also introduce us to Pope (Ritchie Coster), leader of the villains.

With the broadcast of the episode this Sunday, the first part of season 11 reaches its equator. The last installment will be made up of two more parts, consisting of a total of 24 episodes that will put the final finishing touch on the series.