Padmashri-awarded Tamil actor Vivek died at the age of 59, fans gave emotional tributes

Padmashri-awarded Tamil actor Vivek died at the age of 59, fans gave emotional tributes

Tamil Actor Vivek passes away at Chennai hospital at 59, fane offer condolences on social media: Corona era is proving very bad for the entertainment world. Bad news has been coming from the entertainment world for some time. After a year has passed, the chain of this bad news is not stopping. According to the latest information received, noted Tamil actor Vivek has passed away. Vivek was only 59 years old. Vivek was admitted to a hospital in Chennai on April 16 after a heart attack.

The doctors were giving ECMO treatment to Vivek. Vivek was treating a team of doctors at the ICU. Vivek died during treatment. This morning, at 4.45 am, Vivek said goodbye to this world. His fans are surprised to hear the news of Vivek’s death. No one is convinced that Vivek is no longer in this world.

Fans are constantly paying tribute to Vivek on social media. One fan wrote, recalling Vivek, “The world’s most Hambal artist did not live in this world.” This is sad news. We will miss you a lot. At the same time, a fan wrote, this news is shocking. I am still not able to believe that Vivek did not live in this world.

Vivek was a famous name of South. Vivek has acted in many Tamil films. Vivek has shared screens with stars like South Superstar Rajinikanth, Ajit, Vijay, Kamal Haasan, and Madhavan. Let me tell you that Vivek got the Coronavirus vaccine some time ago. Vivek surprised everyone by getting the Corona vaccine installed in a government hospital. Vivek arrived to get the vaccine installed on 15 April.

During this, Vivek had said, I want to tell you that the Coronavirus vaccine is completely safe. Some people may fall ill after taking the vaccine. This does not mean that we should stop applying the vaccine. We have to defeat the coronavirus together. More and more people will have to come to the hospital. We all have to get the Coronavirus vaccine.


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