Patrick Bruel: several investigations targeting him for sexual assault and harassment were closed

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Several preliminary investigations targeting singer Patrick Bruel were dismissed this Friday, September 3. The artist was the subject of several complaints for “sexual assault”.

Preliminary investigations targeting singer Patrick Bruel for assault, exhibition or sexual harassment, were dismissed in December 2020, we learned on Friday. Two investigations had been opened against Patrick Bruel after the separate complaints of two masseuses for alleged facts dating from 2019: in Perpignan, for sexual assault; and in Ajaccio, for sexual exhibition and sexual harassment.

In Perpignan, a masseuse in her thirties accused Patrick Bruel of sexual assault during a massage session in the hotel where the singer was staying on the occasion of his participation in a music festival in Argelès- sur-Mer (south), in July 2019.

Facts going up to 2008 according to the accusers

Patrick Bruel was also targeted by a preliminary investigation for sexual exhibition and sexual harassment after accusations in 2019 of another masseuse from a hotel in Corsica. During their investigations, the investigators also heard other women accusing Patrick Bruel of sexual assault, sexual exhibition or sexual harassment, for facts going up to 2008 according to the accusers.

The two investigations, subsequently disoriented at the Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) public prosecutor’s office, were closed on December 22, 2020, as was a report from the Swiss authorities to the French courts, “in the absence of any evidence. allowing to characterize a criminal offense “, explained the source close to the investigation. Contacted, the singer’s lawyer, Me Hervé Temime, declined to comment.