Penelope Cruz becomes a myth in three decades: from erotic diva in ‘Jamón, Jamón’, to Premio Copa Volpi, in Venice

The Spanish actress is enshrined at the Venice Film Festival with the Best Actress award with ‘Parallel Mothers’. The actress has dedicated it to Pila Bardem, her mother-in-law, who died this year. The Golden Lion was for ‘The Event’, by Audrey Diwan.

Penelope Cruz was consecrated yesterday as one of the best actresses in the world after winning the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival for Parallel Mothersby Pedro Almodóvar. The actress dedicated the award to Pilar Bardem, the actress who passed away this summer, and who was also her mother-in-law.

The actress is the first Spanish interpreter to win this award, which she received very emotionally. On going on stage, he thanked Pedro Almodovar for the opportunity, and assured that the award was “100% for Pedro”, whom he thanked for his “confidence and inspiration”, and his “search for the truth, on and off the set.” A story about the actress and the director that started with Aspen meat in 1997, and which made the actress an international star with Return in 2006.

Pilar Bardem: The admirable matriarch and the fighter capable of sewing or wielding a weapon for her own

With this film he achieved his second Goya and his first Oscar nomination. A film that, according to the EFE agency, “demonstrated understanding with Pedro Almodóvar, who created a story one hundred percent from La Mancha at the service of all his actresses, including Carmen Maura, Lola Duelas and Blanca Portillo, the cast that took the performance award at the Cannes Film Festival “.

The Volpi Cup is a prestigious recognition that actresses such as Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, Sophia Loren, Cate Blanchet, Tilda Swinton, Julianne Moore and Olivia Colman have received over the almost 80 years of the festival.

Dedicated to her mother

In addition, the actress, very excited, dedicated the Volpi Cup to her family, and especially to her mother, Encarna, whom she referred to on stage as her “best friend.”

But he also wanted to remember his mother-in-law, the actress Pilar Bardem, mother of the present Javier Bardem, who died in July, and with whom Penelope has shared the screen on several occasions and assured that Pilar Bardem, the last time they saw each other, told her that he loved her and added two words: “Volpi Cup.”

The actress was opting for the Volpi Cup for her two jobs at the festival. In addition to Parallel Mothers, competed for the Official Competition, where she was also one of the protagonists. The president of the jury, Bong Joon-ho, assured at a press conference after the gala that it was very difficult to decide between his two jobs. “It has been a tough decision because he has done a great job also in ‘Official Competition”, we discussed a lot about it, “he said, according to the EFE Agency, although his other film was finally out of the list of honors.

Three decades of triumph

This award consecrates a Spanish actress who never imagined those eternal afternoons at her mother’s hairdresser, Encarna de Alcobendas, who would go so far. In fact, in several interviews, the artist has quoted that it was there that from 5 to 13 years old she spent entire afternoons listening to clients tell their deepest and most intimate secrets. The actress says that this was her acting school, since there she discovered such different realities from the women of the neighborhood, who spoke openly about their marriage, divorces, extramarital relationships and family problems.

“I was hooked on the way the women in my mother’s salon spoke, with such sincerity, and the way my mother took care of them. I also appreciated the different personalities they had,” she explained to The Sun .

Penelope Cruz’s sexual satiety after ‘Jamón, jamón: “I didn’t do love scenes for years”

She was barely 15 when she decided to be an actress after seeing Tie me up! by Pedro Almodóvar, and he was the one who would make her an international star years later. But at that moment he couldn’t imagine it and he focused on moving forward pursuing his dream by learning dance first. She studied nine years of classical ballet at the National Conservatory of Madrid, four at the Cristina Rota School, another three years of Spanish ballet with Ángela Garrido, and several jazz courses. Cruz could have been a dancer, but the cinema had a place for her.

It didn’t take long for him to find his first role. While still a minor, he appeared at the casting of The ages of Lulu, scored by Bigas Luna. But the director gave him the bad news that he could not participate in the film because he was not 18 years old, but assured him that he would call him for another project. Penelope was shocked when, three years later, Luna kept her promise and called her to Ham Ham. This 1992 film, where she would share the limelight with the one who would later become her husband and parents of her children, although at that time he was not even in her dreams. But that movie catapulted him to fame and turned him into an erotic myth due to its high sexual content.

The actress does not regret having starred in the film, but the large number of sexual scenes she had to shoot caused a kind of trauma. “My mother understood that I was so upset with my first movie. I didn’t get along very well. I had a strong reaction to anything sexual or sensual for a while. I cut my hair very short. I did not do love scenes, not even kisses, for years, “he told The Sun. A radical position that could have put her career at risk, but as she herself says, she followed what her heart asked of her. But then she was just a child, inexperienced, and that was recalled by the actress herself who shared on her instagram a video of how she gutted the film on TVE in less than a minute in one of her first interviews.

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The love for Javier Bardem emerged many years later, in 2007, when they returned to work together in Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Bardem jokes that he thought twice about asking her out, since Penelope has a strong character, similar to that of her character in the movie of Woody Allen. It is also something that Penelope herself says. He has always had an iron personality. “I was a fighter girl, even if people told me it was impossible to be an actress. I tried. I was very strong with what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to do things beyond the experience of my family,” she reveals.

And it was also around this time that he made his leap to Hollywood. There she has had the opportunity to work for Disney and become Angelica Teach in Pirates of the Caribbean, she has worked with Matthew McConaughey in Sahara and has been a passenger more than Murder on the Orient Express like Pilar Estravados. A whole career to stardom, which began when she was just a child, listening to the clients of her mother’s hairdresser, Encarna, in a middle-class neighborhood of Alcobendas.


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