Perfect harmony of music and wine in the Frontonnais

the essential
For three evenings, the oenologist Henry Clemens will introduce you to the wines of our region, accompanied by musicians for a musical background matched to the tasting.

We knew Joël Saurin, the ex-bassist of the group Zebda, passionate about the discovery of dissimilar musical aesthetics that have since now nourished many

years the rendezvous of the Musical Break (Thursday at 12:30 pm at the Sénéchal room). But hearing him talk about his new idea called “Musical tastings” is just as delightful: “I did not invent hot water by bringing music and wine together but, on the other hand, the approach is a little different. The goal is to bring the sensations resulting from tasting wines closer to their musical translation because, for me, there are things that are quite close. At least in the vocabulary, for example in the musical and oenological terminology since we speak notes for the sensations we experience when we taste wine, we speak of harmony, rhythm, persistence, minerality, liveliness, roundness. “ Not so stupid the idea, especially as to enlighten the fifty or so participants, wine expert and oenologist Henry Clemens is invited to put into words these tasting sensations: “For three days and on three estates different, the producer of the day in organic or biodynamic will be present, will make us taste three vintages and will speak to us about the elaboration if he wishes it but the subject relates rather to what the wine gives off. Henry Clemens will intervene, it is the he’s been to the Frontonnais for the first time. Then, accordionists Jean-Luc Amestoy and Claude Delrieu will translate all this into music! ” At the end of the session, the Tourangeau Contre-glasses et Basse à pied group, which has the specificity of playing on glasses that are tuned by filling them more or less with water, will perform immediately. The duo have invented a very particular sound universe mixed with jazz and improv, which is well suited to the experience carried out here. In the end, if it works, Joël Saurin, event creator slices with a “it is the musicians who will say it.” And the lucky tasters probably a little too, no? !

Useful information:

Saturday 28 at 10:45 a.m. at Domaine La Colombière (with Colombière wines). Reservation at 0 664 782 209 and [email protected]; Sunday 29 at 10:45 am at Maison M (with wines from Château Laurou in Fronton). Reservation at 0 784 972 121 or 0 561 826 995; Monday August 30 at 10:45 am at the Château de Launac (with Château Plaisance wines) in Vacquiers. Reservation at 0 783 741 595. Free admission. Reservation is advised.