Plaisance: it’s the start of the music school

After a complicated year, the music school is back to school like all schools. Everyone, whatever their age, can come and learn and improve their skills in instrumental and vocal practice. The practical courses that are offered concern wind instruments and percussion. They are provided by qualified teachers under the responsibility of the musical director, Philippe Labérou. The music school also offers collective training (cadet orchestra, adults and harmony), improvisation lessons, a choir and a banda. During the year, the music school organizes concerts and hosts the most diverse musical events throughout the region. The course of the musical year will be subject to health conditions linked to Covid-19. In collective training, we find the Mélodica class, which concerns students who are new to musical training and which constitutes an introduction to group music. We also find: the orchestra class (or cadet orchestra), it is the harmony of young musicians with 1 to 5 years of instrumental practice; the adult class, which is a training program reserved for adults who are new to instrumental practice (this group is completed by slightly more experienced musicians); harmony, which is the showcase of the music school and is made up of students and experienced members; the improvisation class, which offers initiation and improvement in this discipline, under the direction of a specialist teacher; and finally the mixed choir, open to all. Registrations will take place on Wednesday September 8 and Saturday September 11, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., at the music school located rue Frédéric-Maur (Louis-Pasteur college).

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