Pooja Bedi claims, ‘Love can happen many times in life, father has married four times

Pooja Bedi claims, ‘Love can happen many times in life, father has married four times

Film actress Pooja Bedi has spoken about her life in an interview. In it, she has talked about children, her father, and her ex-husband. She has also spoken openly about divorce. There are two children. Alaa Furniturewala and Omar. They have raised their children as a single mother.

Pooja Bedi has told that when she was getting divorced, many people refused her not to get divorced. Pooja Bedi says that people told her that they should think about their children. They should think about their future. Though Pooja Bedi knew that her relationship with her ex-husband Farhan Furniturewala had deteriorated. Talking to Peeping Moon, Pooja Bedi said, ‘When you are getting divorced, then you have to fight with many people of the society.

It is when I got divorced. It is 18 years old. It used to be a very big thing. Many people told me that who will marry you, think of children, why are you thinking of yourself, who will get you back? , You are single, divorced, my children were told to be a burden on me. So I told them, listen, my children are not burdens, I have property. ‘

Pooja Bedi gives the example of her father Kabir Bedi who has four marriages. She says, ‘It also reflects my upbringing. I grew up in a divorced family and I know that love returns. Many times it happens.’ My father has been married four times. Besides, our parents used to make us part of their family.

On the separation of her parents, Alaya Furniturewala said, ‘I was 5 years old and I don’t remember anything. I am still happy that even though both are divorced but both of them Even today we talk.


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