Pregnancy goes wrong in chapter 51 of ‘Love is in the air’: Eda suffers an accident

The Turkish soap opera is nearing its end. There are only 3 episodes left for us to know the outcome.

Eda’s (Hande Erçel) pregnancy continues under the watchful eye of Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin). The protagonists of Love is in the air They prepare for the arrival of the baby with great enthusiasm, but first they have to face other questions, such as deciding if they want to know the sex of their future son or daughter, the overprotection of the architect or learning to bear the jealousy of little Kiraz. Of course, all that will come to nothing when Eda has a real accident.

It is a very different pregnancy for each of them. Eda has her first daughter’s experience and knows what to expect from each month. For Serkan everything is totally new, which added to his obsessive and nervous personality makes him want to know everything. Not knowing if it is a boy or a girl until it is born? It does not fit into their plans. You have to be prepared. If you have even hired a whole team of nurses and a driver to be prepared for any unforeseen event!

That’s why he teams up with Engin (Anil Ilter) to try to discover sex without Eda finding out. Nothing good comes out when they get together and, since no one can see it well in the ultrasound they have, they resort to an old method: if you eat bitter things, it is a girl. If they are sweet, a child. But there are more issues to consider. If it smells strong, it is a boy. If not, a girl. If your feet are frozen, it’s a boy. If the gut is round, a girl. If it is oval, a child. Conclusion: it may be better to wait to confirm it at the time of delivery.

Above all because Eda has found out that Serkan is trying to find out on his own and has been pissed off. Eda wanted them to do everything together, so knowing that her partner is acting solo doesn’t sit well with her. Some old quarrels between the two return. Over time they have learned to trust each other, but in their first stage mistrust and lies – or what they thought were lies – were the order of the day. Fortunately, everything is solved when the baby takes its first kick, although Serkan does not get to feel it. What’s more, Eda and Serkan soon discover that what they are waiting for is … a boy! The doctor calls them to give them the news and the architect is very happy to finally know what will come.

A new home for Eda and Serkan and the official pregnancy announcement in the endearing chapter 50 of ‘Love is in the air’

Everyone is watching out for the new family member and expecting to feel his kicks, which makes Kiraz feel a bit displaced. Until now she was the smallest of the family, but now she is going to become the older sister. There are too many emotions to handle and you can’t help but show your jealousy. Kiraz kicks Serkan Bolat to tell him that she can kick too. Although a little brother or sister was what he loved the most, he still has to accept the changes.

Another question that appears is that of Eda’s work. She feels good and fit, so she doesn’t think about changing the way she works. But he, true to the Serkan style, is worried and asks her to work from home and start taking things more calmly. At the moment, it is impossible. Eda has errands and responsibilities before the baby arrives and is in no way going to cancel them. So Serkan wants to make a deal with her: he doesn’t decide on the child’s name, but she will work at home. But she is not willing.

The sex of the baby, working at home, Kiraz’s jealousy … it all comes to nothing when Eda falls off a ladder while trying to retrieve a balloon for her daughter at Serkan’s birthday party. In the next chapter of season 2 of Love is in the air We will discover what consequences this fall has for the baby.

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