Presidential: the chains in the starting blocks

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The 2022 presidential election campaign will take a prominent place on television channels in the coming months.

The health crisis, questions about the Covid epidemic, vaccines and restrictions have boosted audiences for news sections on television. “News broadcasts achieved their best ratings in 2020, with records for government speeches related to the crisis. The 24-hour news channels have recorded high audience shares since the start of the crisis. This interest remains at a high level in the first half of 2021 ”, notes the Superior council of audio-visual.

It is therefore not surprising that at eight months of the presidential election, a major political meeting, all the channels are in the starting blocks to cover the campaign. But each sets up very different devices between decryption, proximity or opinions and biases.

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The public group France Televisions made the “triple bet of transparency, innovation and debate”, declared its president, Delphine Ernotte who said she was “quite worried in the face of the very strong mistrust vis-à-vis media ”. Succeeding “You have the floor”, “Elysée 2022” will be the major political meeting of France 2 one Thursday per month, always with Léa Salamé-Thomas Sotto. There will be added the “8:22 pm”, a great interview, conducted by Anne-Sophie Lapix, with Nathalie Saint-Cricq and Mohamed Bouhafsi, ex-RMC football journalist. Julian Bugier will host “I have an idea for France”, ideas coming from abroad or from the regions.

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As for continuous news channels, the standoff will intensify between BFMTV and CNews, which has sometimes caught up with its rival. BFMTV will entrust Jean-Jacques Bourdin with a new political program where he will arbitrate “dialogues” between the French and the main presidential candidates. The channel also recruited Yves Calvi for a daily Calvi 3D but also the boss of the weekly Marianne, Natacha Polony, for Polonews.

As an answer to the evening box where CNews aligns “Face à l’Info” with Christine Kelly and Eric Zemmour then “The hour of the pros 2” with Pascal Praud and his band of columnists marked on the right.

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Finally LCI-TF1, which returns on Monday, has already recruited Ruth Elkrief for the presidential election.