Radhe Box Office Collection: Slow earnings abroad, Salman Khan will suffer heavy loss

Radhe Box Office Collection: Slow earnings abroad, Salman Khan will suffer heavy loss

Salaman Khan’s film ‘Radhey: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ broke all the records on the day of release. The bad news is now coming to the makers of the film. Radhe has suffered at the overseas box office. In India, due to Corona, the film had to be released on the OTT platform, only to be released in three theaters in Tripura.

Loss to makers

In the initial week, it got a good response abroad and Radhe was also successful in earning good from there but now its graph has fallen. The film has also been released on ‘Pay Per View’ on OTT around the world, but due to piracy, the makers are facing losses here too.

Earned 14.40 crores abroad till Monday

According to Box Office India.com report, Radhe did business in the UK on Monday from Rs 73 lakh to Rs 91 lakh. However, the good thing is that from Wednesday, the film will also be released in the NRI dwelling areas in the UK. In such a situation, earnings are expected to increase. By the way, till Monday, the film has done business of Rs 14.40 crores on foreign land.

50% of earnings coming from Dubai

Explain that the largest 50% of Radhe’s earnings coming from abroad are coming from Dubai. According to media reports

Salman Khan’s ‘Radhey’ will be able to do business of $ 3 million i.e. about 21.92 crores in its lifetime at the overseas box office. Dubai cinemas have a big hand in this entire revenue. About 50 percent of ‘Radhe”s earnings abroad are coming from Dubai. Piracy also caused heavy losses.

It is reported that the makers of the film have suffered due to piracy. As soon as ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ was released on OTT, the film was also leaked online within a few hours. Filmmakers and Salman Khan have also complained in the cyber cell against piracy. After this, an FIR has also been registered against three WhatsApp and Facebook users on Wednesday. All three were selling the film for Rs 50 on social media.


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