Rajeev Bhatia changed his name to Akshay Kumar because of this actor

Rajeev Bhatia changed his name to Akshay Kumar because of this actor

The tradition of actors having a screen name instead of their original name is decades old. There are many examples of this from Dilip Kumar to Kiara Advani, but the story of Akshay Kumar, the player, name Akshay Kumar from Rajiv Bhatia is quite interesting.

Akshay Kumar’s real name is Rajiv Bhatia. He also started in films with this name. Akshay Kumar’s first film was released today in 1987. Kumar Gaurav had the lead role in this film directed by Mahesh Bhatt. Akshay’s role was less than 5 seconds. He was an extra scene where he was shown as a martial arts teacher.

If the star of the film was Kumar Gaurav, then he notices Kumar Gaurav the entire time he was present on the set. The special thing is that in the film today, the character of Kumar Gaurav was named Akshay. Seeing Kumar Gaurav, he got attached to this name too and Rajiv Bhatia decided that he would keep his name only Akshay Kumar.

The next day he went to the court of Bandra East and gave his application to Akshay Kumar from Rajiv Bhatia too and in some time his name on paper also became Akshay Kumar from Rajiv Bhatia. After that Akshay started his struggle in the industry with the same name. Akshay Kumar started his career as a lead actor with the 1991 film Saugandh. His opposite in the film was Shantipriya.


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