Ranveer Singh’s troubles increased, film Anniyan Hindi Remake stuck before the start

Ranveer Singh’s troubles increased, film Anniyan Hindi Remake stuck before the start

Well-known director of South Film Industry Shankar announced the Hindi remake of his superhit film ‘Anniyan’ two days ago. In this film, Ranveer Singh was cast in the lead role. This is the first film with Ranveer Singh and director Shankar to be made on a large scale. Controversy also arose with the announcement of the film.

Shankar got notice
The producer of ‘Anniyan’ has warned the director by sending a notice to Shankar. He says that if he makes a Hindi remake of ‘Annian’ without his permission, then he will file a court case against him. Ravichandran has made it clear in his notice that permission has not been taken from him to make a Hindi remake of ‘Annie. This is legally wrong.

Ranveer Singh did not get any statement
V. Ravichandran created ‘Anniyan’ in the year 2005. In this film, Vikram and Prakash Raj were seen playing the main tenant. There is no response from Ranveer Singh after Ravichandran’s statement. Now it will be seen what steps Ranveer Singh and Shankar take.

The creator of ‘Annian’ said this Now after the Hindi remake was announced, Ravichandran wrote in his statement, ‘I am shocked to know that you have announced the Hindi remake of’ Annan ‘. You are well aware that I am the producer of the film Annan. I have all the rights to the film’s story, which I bought from writer Sujatha. I have paid the full price to Sujatha, the proof of which I also have. In such a situation, it is illegal to steal the film’s story or remake it without my permission.

Shankar released a statement
At the same time, Director Shankar has given his response on this matter. In response to the notice, he said, ‘I am shocked to get your notice that you are the owner of the story of the film’ Annan ‘. ” Shankar said the fire, ‘I have the script of the story and I am entitled to use it in any way.

Because in writing, you do not have any such rights, in which it is written that you will have to take rights to make a remake of any other story related to it. In the absence of documents, you cannot tell me that I cannot make a film or you have the rights to it.


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