Rignac: the conservatory is preparing for its return to school

“The music conservatory with departmental influence is a space of passion for all, at the service of all types of music where it is good to cultivate sharing and living together”. It is with this motto that Colette Marre, coordinator of the Montbazens and Rignac branches, welcomed all these little budding musicians as well as their parents. At his side, the music teachers who presented the twenty disciplines taught in the two branches.

After recalling all the various workshops set up in previous years, the coordinator toured the many novelties: the creation of the clarinet class of Jean-Marc Houdard in Montbazens after the opening of the oboe class of Jean- Marc Arnaud, last year; the resumption of the accordion class by Émilie Marzili in Rignac; the creation of a children’s choir from 6 years old called “Young choir” at the gymnasium of Montbazens on Friday from 5.30 p.m. to 6.15 p.m., directed by Joseph Malherbe with musical tales and shows in preparation throughout the year; 6-year-olds enrolled in Musical Awakening may, if sanitary conditions allow it, be initiated into the practice of mythical instruments such as the flute, violin, horn …

Discovery sessions

And other novelties: a large place will also be given to chamber music with the recruitment of a new accompanist Anne-Lise Pierre; children aged 4 and 5, in small groups and in shifts, will benefit from several discovery sessions on the instruments of the antenna; instrumental ensembles from the first year of musical training; From the age of 7, a musical training course will be added to the individual instrumental course of the child, giving a large place to the collective practice of music. “Each group will constitute a miniature orchestra working on arrangements written by the teacher according to the level of each” explained the manager who then listed the different sets in which the students of the two branches can participate: “Concerts and events will be offered to you every month while respecting barrier gestures and the distance required to guarantee both the safety and the comfort of the students” concluded Colette Marre.

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