Roquecourbe. Back to school at the Orphée music institute

At the end of August, the leaders of the institute have not been idle. The revival of activities is in full swing, everything must be organized and organized, all in compliance with health measures. School of music and collective practices of Roquecourbain Awakening: registration on Wednesday September 8, from 3 pm to 7 pm, at the institute, 7, avenue de Castres in Roquecourbe, or by phone at 06 13 52 13 36. students from Monday, September 13.

The OHBLER (Barral-Lacrouzette-Eveil roquecourbain harmony orchestra) recruits harmony instrumentalists, especially in the clarinet, oboe and trombone desks.

First performance, organized by the Association for the Promotion of Mazamet Heritage, on Sunday, September 26, at the Mazamet kiosk. On the program, “Women, women, women: heroines of operas, famous composers and performers”.

Follow on the site ( all the programming of saxophone ensembles, Dolce trio, exhibition and openings planned for the end of the year. To reach them: [email protected]