Saif Ali Khan’s Begum fell in love with Vinod Khanna for only one condition

Saif Ali Khan’s Begum fell in love with Vinod Khanna for only one condition

Amrita Singh, the beautiful actress who ruled the hearts of the audience in the 80s and 90s, has been in a lot of headlines not only for her performance but also for her personal life.

Actress and ex-wife of Saif Ali Khan, Amrita Singh, who was considered the master of the mind in her style in films and professional life, had made cricketer Ravi Shastri speechless by fighting a love affair with Vinod Khanna, 12 years older than herself, for only one condition.

However, due to this, both her and Ravi Shastri had a breakup, but Vinod Khanna could not even come to Amrita’s hand. Ultimately, Amrita Singh was married to the younger Nawab Saif Ali Khan. Usually, film fans know that many important characters have made a place in Amrita’s personal and professional life.

The most interesting and untouched story among them has been with Superstar Vinod Khanna. But in reality it was not a real love but a bet to win the bet he had made with his boyfriend and cricketer Ravi Shastri. This is about those days when director JP Dutta took Vinod Khanna and Amrita for his film ‘Bantwara’.

Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri raised some questions on the chemistry of superstar Vinod Khanna and Amrita. On this Amrita also got shocked and said that she will agree to do so now. During the shooting, both Vinod and Amrita came close to each other.

Amrita jokingly told Ravi that soon her affair with Vinod Khanna would start. But Ravi Shastri wanted to get into a serious relationship with Amrita, so Amrita’s closeness with Vinod Khanna became unbearable and they broke up.

Here, Amrita also fought to grow closer to Vinod Khanna, when Amrita’s mother came to know about her relationship with the 12-year-old actor. He gave an ultimatum to Amrita to get away from Vinod Khanna as soon as the film was completed.

On the other hand, Vinod Khanna himself backtracked considering it not right. As soon as the shooting was over, Amrita Singh and Vinod Khanna’s relationship that started for the condition ended. Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri had become involved in his cricket career.

At the same time, Amrita herself fell in love with Nawab Khan Saif and finally both of them took each other’s hand. Both had two children, Sara and Ibrahim. After this, Amrita’s relationship with Saif also broke down and Saif got involved with Kareena Kapoor, ten years younger than himself.