Sainte-Livrade-sur-Lot. Actress Selma Kouchy, from Sainte-Livrade to screen success

the essential
For Commissioner Magellan, the task promises to be difficult. He must go back in the footsteps of his lieutenant Barrayah, to understand how the Lot-et-Garonnaisse got there. An investigation that will lead him to Sainte-Livrade, where the young woman studied. An unprecedented episode, where the actress Selma Kouchy, is delivered, without detour in all simplicity. Monclarais evenings in the light of the small screen … Meeting.

Of course, her face is known to many French viewers: the actress has taken part in many very popular television series, from “Scènes de Ménage” to “Camping Paradis”, including the character of Lieutenant Berrayah that she plays. in the famous saga “Commissioner Magellan” since 2013. But it is certainly in the Lot-et-Garonnais that the actress Selma Kouchy, who leads in parallel a beautiful career in the theater, is most familiar. And for good reason: native of Sainte-Livrade, it is in the department that she took her first steps on stage and tasted this passion for the game which will guide her steps, until leading her to prestigious collaborations. The local genesis of this career leaves her with excellent memories and it is moreover on her return from the Sainte-Livrade market, where she came to spend a few days of family vacation this summer, that Selma evokes the beginning of her career: “I had a very pleasant childhood here. After school, I went to high school in Agen, where I was an intern. And then, one day, I pushed open the door of the theater to attend Marianne’s lessons. Valéry. A little out of curiosity, a little out of vocation. Yes, surely a mixture of the two. In fact, I had seen outdoor shows, and I had found leaflets there. ” The meeting with the great lady of the Lot-et-Garonnais theater will prove, as for many artists who have passed through her hands and are now confirmed, decisive. And the spark from which the famous sacred fire will emerge will be born from the first moments in contact with the teacher. The actress remembers: “The first class was an improvisation class. We were all in a circle and we had to introduce ourselves. Talk to others, listen to others … I said to myself that it was exactly what I wanted to do. Marianne Valéry has an incredible ability to allow others to open up. And when you’re a teenager, having someone listen to you and a stage to express yourself is still great. “

“Jacques and his master”, a detonator in his career

A work performed during this period will particularly mark her: “The House of Bernarda Alba”, by the Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca. The rest of the course will be logical, always part of the department, and always in the wake of Marianne Valéry: “After high school, I therefore joined the parent company: Les Baladins à Monclar. There was an abundance of ‘artists, I met a lot of people there. During this period, I took lessons on Wednesdays in Agen and in Monclar on Saturdays. ” It was then, in 1998, that the real big turning point in the career of the young woman took place, who recounts: “Nicolas Briançon had staged the play” Jacques et son maître “by Kundera. A play which was then to be performed. in Paris. Despite a Deug in History in Toulouse, I took the plunge: it was the opportunity. ” An initiative crowned with success, at all levels: “It’s a superb text. The play had three nominations for the Molières, it was really a great adventure. And it changed everything for me: it turns out that my Agent had come to see the play and she then offered to work with her. Besides, even if the cast changed, I saw that this play would be repeated when the school year began in Paris. ” A stage in the capital which will therefore be the real detonator of Selma Kouchy’s career, followed shortly after, in 2000, by the shooting of her first feature film, “Marie-Line”, alongside a sacred monster of the French comedy scene which found there its first major dramatic role: Muriel Robin.

Films with Muriel Robin, Leïla Bekhti and Ramzy Bedia

Flashback: “It was my first feature film, yes. Being in Paris, everything is easier. This film dealt with night work, migrants, the conditions of women too, with only women in mind. ‘poster. I have very fond memories of this shoot. We really filmed at night, in a supermarket which was normally open during the day. There was a very special atmosphere. There was also Aïssa Maïga, who then did a great career. ” Contact with Muriel Robin? Simple, even simplified, as the Lot-et-Garonnaise tells it, by a common stage in the career of the two artists: Monclar. “Muriel also went through the Baladins. We talked about it of course. She had really entered into her character.” In 2010, it is still in a feature film alongside confirmed actors that we can see it, entitled “Il rest du jambon?”. Another successful experience: “It was a film by Anne De Petrini, who is a great director, with Ramzy Bedia. We were there in another register, that of comedy. There was the desire to tell stories. , to make people laugh … “Also in the credits, young actresses who will soon be talked about: Leïla Bekhti and Geraldine Nakache. At the same time, Selma pursued a career in the theater by playing Feydeau or Racine while making multiple appearances in numerous series on the small screen: “Boulevard du Palais”, “Louis Page”, “Femmes de loi” … A big gap artistic that the Livradaise takes as a chance: “It’s a real pleasure to go from rooster to donkey, to vary the palettes. We do not approach things in the same way, that’s for sure. In the theater, there are the readings, the rehearsals, the research on the set and, of course, the finality: the presence of the public. The cinema or the television allow something else: there are more technical possibilities, with the sets for example, and there is the presence of the camera, not just the gaze of your partner. In the cinema, you have to let go, trust the director. In the theater, once on stage, you do a little what you want, enter quotation marks.” A question of rhythm too: “On TV, it goes faster, there is a demand for time, but you are sometimes surprised by the result. Even if I am lucky on the series Commissioner Magellan, where there is the possibility of redoing the catch “. It is indeed his role as Lieutenant Berrayah in the detective series that will earn him great popularity in France.

“I am asked for news of the commissioner in the street!”

A woman cop that she has played for eight years and who is now part of her life: “I got attached to this character, who has evolved from the beginning. She was a lot of listening and observation at the beginning and now, the characters are investigating together. It’s a chance to have a recurring role. And it allows you to be reassured about the team, there is less stress than when you arrive on a set where you do not know anybody.” A series to which viewers feel very close: “It’s true, I am often asked for news of the commissioner in the street!”. The interpreter of the famous investigator, Jacques Spiesser, is presented by Selma as an excellent playing partner: “We have forged links and we manage to have fun playing these investigations.” A pleasure that will unfortunately not last over time, even if it means disappointing the fans of the series. Selma Kouchy says: “The series is coming to an end, a priori we shot the last episodes …”. The Lot-et-Garonnais, them, will certainly continue to follow the career of the actress on the boards or on the screen.