Salman Khan gets another shock! ‘Radhey: Your most wanted brother’ leaked on YouTube

Salman Khan gets another shock! ‘Radhey: Your most wanted brother’ leaked on YouTube

Ever since Salman Khan’s film Radhe has been released, Salman has been trying his best to save her from the piracy gang. But people do not believe that the last thing is about Dabangg Khan’s film. Now, news of Radhe’s leaking on YouTube is coming out.

Radhe came on YouTube

It is reported that the film Radhe was recently uploaded by a YouTube channel. Users had also started watching the film. But as soon as the film was released, a few minutes after that, the ruckus has started. After its release on the YouTube channel, the film immediately got more than 32 thousand views.

Delete from youtube

Although the film has been deleted from YouTube before the controversy escalated, Salman is appealing to people not to commit piracy before Radhe’s release, but people have not heard one. It is now to see what action Salman takes against this YouTube release.
The high court is also tough on piracy

At the same time, on behalf of Salman, the Delhi High Court has taken a tough stand in Radhe’s piracy case recently. The court has prohibited the film from being broadcast illegally through social media. Along with this, there is also a provision for arrest for illegally circulating the film on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. All the numbers through which the film was being sold have also been banned.

Then piracy came in front

It happened that a Facebook user named Ashwini Raghav was selling the film for Rs 50. Along with the arrest of this strongman, an FIR was registered against two more people.


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