Sam Heughan triumphs on Netflix and it is not with ‘Outlander’. Discover your new action hero

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The interpreter premieres the sixth season of Starz fiction in early 2022, but he has also shown that there is life beyond the hit series by getting into the shoes of Tom Buckingham in ‘SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan’.

Sam Heughan stands for Outlander. The actor has been giving life to Jamie Fraser in the successful fiction of Starz which adapts Diana Gabaldon’s novels, but has also shown that there is life beyond the series by participating in other projects. One of them is available on Netflix.

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan has arrived in our country from the hand of the ‘streaming’ platform of the great Jan last weekend. The title has become one of the leaders of the Top 10 from Netflix. In the action movie, directed by Magnus Martens, Heughan takes on the role of Tom Buckingham, a special forces agent. The film, which also stars Ruby Rose, is based on the novel by Andy McNab.

Filming of SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan started in 2018 and ended in 2019 touring different parts of the world as Budapest, Paris and London. The story follows the character of Heughan, who travels with his girlfriend Sophie Hart the French capital to enjoy a romantic getaway.

The protagonist intends to ask her to marry him in Paris, but his plans are upset when a group of mercenaries hijack the train in which they travel. Tom Buckingham escapes from the vehicle and uses his military skills to save the train passengers, including his girlfriend.

A psychopath who would kill you with a mobile phone: This is the new role of Sam Heughan (‘Outlander’)

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan It’s not the only action movie Heughan has been in since he rose to fame thanks to Outlander. In 2018 he appeared in the comedy The spy who dumped me and in 2020 in Bloodshot, starring Vin Diesel.

Maybe SAS: The Rise of Film Noir While not the last time we see Heughan as Tom Buckingham, McNab has written three installments in the series about the character. In addition, the film leaves the door open to a possible return. At the moment, Heughan himself has confirmed in Digital Spy that there’s not “nothing planned yet” in order to continue the story.

Whether sequels or not, what is clear is that Heughan will return as Jamie Fraser in the sixth season of Outlander, which will be released at early 2022.