Season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’ has several cameos that you may not have recognized

Álex Pina’s series for Netfix has had two guest stars to put the most observant viewers to the test.

Among the hostages, cops and robbers of season 5 of The Money Heist There are several guest stars that may have left you wondering: what does that face sound like to me? Álex Pina and his team have used more than one cameo to surprise viewers. But beware, only the most observant, since they are not easy to find if you are not up to date with the world of sports or fiction in general.

The most talked about is Jaime Nava, who was captain of the Spanish rugby team. It is possible that you do not know anything about this discipline and, even so, it has sounded familiar to you and it is that Nava has regularly appeared on Spanish television in recent years. More than one will remind you of your passage through Masterchef Celebrity in 2018, where he endured five programs before being expelled. He must have gotten the pleasure of being in front of the camera because he has participated in two series.

Jaime Nava can already boast of having worked in Unit, Movistar + revelation series that hooked everyone after its premiere in May 2020, and now in The Money Heist, where he gives life to agent Cañizo. Two authentic successes of Spanish fiction. This is how he announced on his Instagram account that he would appear with Úrsula Corberó and the rest of his classmates. “The robbery comes to an end … Happy to officially announce that I will be in the last season of @lacasadepapel. See you on September 3!”, Wrote the athlete.

Another cameo that may have gone unnoticed is that of Jennifer Miranda. She is a Spanish boxer and Olympic medalist who is part of the ‘suicide squad’ that tries to stop the blow when there are not many more options. Jennifer has shared many snapshots of her time in the recording on her Instagram account.

Another well-known face that you have surely seen appear among the soldiers is that of Alberto Amarilla. Throughout his two decades of experience in acting, he has appeared in some of the best-known series in our country. You probably have his work in mind in My lovely neighborsas that is where it was unveiled. It has also appeared in The ministry of time, Velvet O Carlos, King Emperor.

Interestingly, in The Money Heist Amarilla has been under the orders of an old acquaintance. In 2005 he participated in the short film Transit, directed by José Manuel Seda. Seda is none other than Sagasta in the Netflix thriller, the leader of the band of soldiers willing to die if necessary in order to stop the coup. The actor has also coincided with Álex Pina in other projects, such as Brain drain and its sequel, Brain drain 2.

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