Season 5 of ‘The Good Doctor’ already has a date in Spain: Will there be a wedding between Shaun and Lea?

AXN, responsible for the broadcast of the series in our country, has announced the long-awaited return of one of the most successful medical fictions.

It is one of the series of doctors that has half the world hooked and its fifth season already has a release date in Spain. The Good Doctor returns with new episodes on next October 5 from the hand of AXN, its usual channel, which will premiere a weekly episode dubbed into Spanish just a few days after its debut on its original channel on the other side of the pond. This has been announced through a press release by the payment channel itself, which will premiere a new chapter every Tuesday at 10 p.m., but which can later be enjoyed on demand hand in hand with the operators whose offer the chain is part of.

The debut of the season 5 of The Good Doctor arrives in our country with only 8 days difference from its premiere on the other side of the pond. There, the ABC network will welcome the medical drama again next September 27th.

What can we expect from the fifth season of The Good Doctor? Picking up the plots where the previous installment left off, in which Shaun (Freddie Highmore) and Lea (Paige Spara) suffered the loss of their baby when they finally began to assimilate the unexpected pregnancy. After the tragic moment for the couple, Lea wanted to make clear to the brilliant doctor her commitment and proposed to him, so In this new stage, the charismatic couple will be preparing their wedding. Social event par excellence, you can imagine that organizing a wedding is a new challenge for Shaun, but the doctor will be clear that it must be his future wife who takes the reins.

‘The Good Doctor’ prepares for the wedding of the year: how will we meet the protagonists in season 5?

In the first episode of the fifth season of The Good Doctor will celebrate the couple’s engagement party, now that everyone has returned from Guatemala, but will also have, as usual, a case to deal with at the St. Jose Bonaventure Hospital: that of a mother who finds out that her son can having contracted cancer in a surprising way. Likewise, the almost newcomer Dr. Mateo (Osvaldo benavides) will discover if your problems related to your arrival in the United States have a solution. “Because of his past, because of his history, he’s going to have to learn to swallow his pride a bit,” series creator David Shore recently warned in a statement to TVLine.


Shaun and Lea at their engagement party.

Likewise, although this will be the first season to acknowledge the notable absence of Claire (Antonia Thomas), who decides to stay in Guatemala, actress Rachel Bay Jones also makes her debut in this new installment, as a recurring character who has not yet been still awake but that could hold surprises.

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