Seeing the picture, Dharmendra remembers the old days

Seeing the picture, Dharmendra remembers the old days

Seeing the picture, Dharmendra remembers the old days, said – now with the help of the heart-touching memories…
Bollywood actor Dharmendra ( Dharmendra ) by director Anil Sharma ( Anil Sharma Replying to Embed), spoke of living alone. Recently, director Anil Sharma shared a black and white photo in which he is seen together with Dharmendra, Feroz Khan, Yash Chopra, and Iftikhar. Anil tweeted a black and white photo of Hindi cinema from the 1960s. Also, while sharing the photo, wrote in the caption, “What were the moments … Some memories always settle in the heart.”

Dharmendra wrote, Where have those days gone, Anil I am happy to remember those moments even today. In spite of being alone, I am living with the memories of touching the heart. This picture was shot of Yash Chopra’s 1969 film, Aam Aadmi, and Insan.

Dharmendra often shares his old photos and videos with fans. On the set of Deewane Season 3, Dharmendra said that he was smitten by Waheeda Rehman after seeing Chaudhvi Ka Chand while recounting old memories. We saw the film of Waheeda ji the moon of the fourteenth. The whole world was stuck on Waheeda, we were also a little bit disappointed.

Actress Sasikala died earlier this month. Dharmendra shared a photo expressing sorrow over Sasikala’s death and wrote – I am very sad to know that our Sasikala is no longer there. Was a versatile actress and was a very lovely person. May his soul rest in peace. Let me tell you that Dharmendra will be seen in his 2 soon.


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