‘Sex Education’: The essence of Moordale is in danger in the official trailer of season 3

Alicia P. Ferreiros

Alicia P. Ferreiros

TV Series Managing Editor / Periodista

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Netflix’s hilarious ‘teen’ series premieres its entire new installment on Friday, September 17 with a new director, relentless normals, and unexpected relationships.

It seems that we will have to prepare for a completely different Moordale on the season 3 of Sex Education que Netflix premieres in full on September 17. The ‘streaming’ platform has just released the first official trailer of the new installment and, as one of the last ‘teasers’ was already advancing, the arrival of a new director at the center is not only going to put pasta on top, but it is going to change the environment of sexual liberation and adolescent self-discovery that had so characterized the institute in its two previous installments by rules, uniforms and repression. You can see it on these lines.

This course, older, stronger, more united

The main news of this third season is, as we said, the entry on the scene of Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke), a new director with the firm determination to “get the center back on track” after last year was the scene of a chlamydial epidemic and the subject of the controversial book by Dr. Jean F. Milburn (Gillian Anderson). However, while students will be forced to follow his ironclad standards for excellence, Moordale’s young students continue to live their loves and heartbreaks, experimenting with sex and dealing with the problems of a teenager in the new episodes.

‘Sex Education’: big news in Moordale in the first preview of season 3

In the trailer we also see a very changed Otis (Asa Butterfield) who has finally dared to live his sexuality openly, but has not yet made peace with Maeve (Emma MacKey) after a misunderstanding ended with a message – that hadn’t been heard – no response. In addition, the relationship between Eric and Adam is more consolidated and one step away from being official, while Jackson falls in love again and Otis’s mother, Jean, continues with her unexpected pregnancy after her break with Jakob.

The main cast of Sex Education remains intact, but in this new stage some new faces are also incorporated like, Jason Isaacs, in the skin of Peter Groff, the older brother of Mr. Groff; singer-songwriter Dua Saleh, who makes her first acting debut as Cal, a gender non-binary student; and Indra Ové, who plays Anna, Elsie’s adoptive mother after Maeve’s actions.

Season 3 of Sex Education premieres in full on Netflix on September 17.