Shann, young Albigensian artist “storyteller of humanity”

the essential
At 22 years old, the Albigensian is an artist with boundless and limitless sensitivity. He plans to release a rap album committed to the pollution of the planet and the protection of animals.

Shann was born on June 21, a music festival, as if luck predestined him to be an artist. As a great rhyme enthusiast, what he loves above all “is to transmit emotions through my texts and my voice, it is to touch others with my own sensitivity”. When he raps or when he sings, he always looks for the chills. “I’m a perfectionist, I try to find the right word or the right note until giving myself goosebumps”, confides the young rapper.

His style has no label, the goal being simply to “make music that is engaged and humanist by evoking subjects that touch people” explains Shann. So ultimately, it doesn’t matter the form as long as the substance is there. And if he has talked about himself for a while, his loves, his sorrows and his sorrows, he now tends to convey universal and timeless messages.

Very attached to nature, it is important to him to talk about environmental protection and ocean pollution; his travels abroad made him aware of the ecological emergency, even far from home. His committed texts have earned him the nickname “storyteller of humanity”.

Head full of projects

For the moment, Shann works as a waiter alongside her mother at the Charli Bar in Albi. The restaurant is, moreover, in its image: in a calming environment, it receives artists, musicians and comedians for convivial evenings. He also took the opportunity to perform there and organize “open mic”.

But if it is not yet millions of subscribers on social networks, it is already satisfied with the 70,000 views that its thirty songs published on Youtube brings it. It is also present on more than 250 streaming platforms. “It’s already huge, I’m really grateful,” he said modestly. And then, it pleases me to see that some older listeners, listen to what I do and are also touched by my rap. “

For the future, the young man plans to create his own brand of clothing with his own logo. “The idea is to make clothes that look like me and that are eco-responsible. I want my ambitions to be in line with my positions.” He also imagines, sometimes, setting up an association in favor of the environment. But for now, Shann continues to live from day to day: “We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter where I am, as long as I do what I love,” he concludes.