Shilpa Shetty gave the mantra to avoid the epidemic, said – “live today …”

Shilpa Shetty gave the mantra to avoid the epidemic, said – “live today …”

Coronavirus cases active in the country for more than a year have made us think. Beds and oxygen shortages in hospitals have become a matter of concern. To avoid them, people are also helping people along with mangoes on a large scale. Some private institutions and organizations like NGOs are helping people. Apart from this, many Bollywood celebs have also come forward to help. People are not only getting physically disturbed by this situation, but it is also having a profound effect on mental health.

Keeping this situation in mind, Bollywood 45-year-old actress Shilpa Shetty has shared a photo on her official Instagram account. In this photo, she is seen sitting on the mountains meditating. He carried a black crop top. With this photo, the actress wrote – “We are all watching and reading about the real situation around us and this situation is disturbing to the mind. This news keeps echoing in the mind all the time and all this mind and mind Bothers and depresses. On the other hand, we see that some people, who are not even aware, are coming forward to help.

Some people are cooking food for COVID patients, giving volunteers medical care Driving for people in need of assistance, and doctors are providing information and guidance about online sessions. Seeing all of this brings relief. If we can do something for someone, Then we definitely should.

If we cannot do anything, then do not increase rumors and troubles. Listen to the music for a while, inhale deeply, and believe that everything will be better here. Live in today Together we will remove this problem. We will move towards a better tomorrow than this time. Faith and hope is what we need right now ”

The actress also shared a video last week, in which she appeared quite emotional. With this video, the actress said that I am very upset to see the situation of Corona in the country. Somewhere the child is losing his parents, then somewhere the parents are in pain of losing their child. The actress had said that today people are not troubled only by Corona.

If someone is not getting oxygen, then someone is suffering from hunger. Along with this, he thanked the doctors and the front-line workers. With this, he said that we should come forward to help people. We have to meet this problem together. The actress told that she is associated with an organization “must eat”. This will provide food to the people. With this, he appealed that people who want to help can do it. Those who are made should donate.


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