Singer hidden and surrounded by ‘bosses’: 4 curiosities of Úrsula Corberó to better know the warrior of ‘La Casa de Papel’

He became famous with ‘Física o Química’ and has been giving us moments like Tokyo for years. Do not miss it in the fifth season of ‘La Casa de Papel’, which has just arrived on Netflix.

From outside the door, little remains of that Úrsula Corberó who excited the public by giving life to Ruth Gómez in Physics or Chemistry. Now she is an international star who is starting to make her way in Hollywood – you can’t miss her at Snake Eyes: El origen like the bad bad- and there is no one who does not know Tokyo, his character in The Money Heist. Inside, she remains the same fighter she was then and retains her natural character.

She is quite a celebrity, but here we review several curiosities to better know the person behind the actress. A woman who regularly collaborates in solidarity campaigns, surrounded by strong female figures like her and with more than one hidden side.

Úrsula Corberó and Álvaro Cervantes, high school classmates

Úrsula Corberó and also actor Álvaro Cervantes -who recently appeared in the hit Crazy for her– shared notes and confessions during their high school years. On a visit to The Hormiguero at the end of 2018, while presenting The tree of blood, both were able to remember their days in the Pious Schools of Our Lady of Barcelona. The program even organized a virtual visit to the classes at the center, which moved the actors.

“We were 16 years old and we were in the first year of artistic high school. I was very modest and the only time I changed places was to sit with Úrsula”, confessed Cervantes. Did they become a couple? It was nothing official or serious, but it was clear that something was going on between them.

His mother and sister, the ‘bosses’ of his life

Her mother Esther and her sister Mónica are two very important people in her life and to celebrate Women’s Day in 2017 she told the story of overcoming that both have lived. The mother got pregnant with her first daughter when she was 17 years old and there were many people in her neighborhood who saw him with bad eyes, something that did not matter to her either.. “She always tells me that even so she was always happy, on Saturday afternoons she went to the disco alone and got on the podium to dance non-stop with her bass drum, after two hours she returned home”, the magazine collects. Hello there of the post that has already been deleted.

When Úrsula told her at the age of 6 that she wanted to be an actress, she did everything possible to take her to the tests. They asked for afternoons off from work – at the expense of their salary – and hitchhiked to get to Barcelona, ​​since they lived 62km away and did not have their own car. “The queues for publicity castings were hellish and for a year they didn’t catch me for any commercial, but whoever follows them gets it,” Corberó recalls.

His sister Monica has also fought for her son. She studied thanatopractor – everything related to the preparation of corpses – but could not find a job because it was a sector where women were not well regarded. “Some BOSSES who have been able to do with everything and more”, sums up the actress.

The Úrsula Corberó singer, the most unknown side

The actress received notions of vocal technique and private singing classes – it is known that the actors, the more skills they have, the better – and was able to demonstrate what she had learned together with the group Cinco de Enero, or what is the same, Joaquín Peña, who would put music to Physics or Chemistry. Together they published the song ‘The price of truth’ that you can listen to in the following video.

Its solidarity side

Úrsula Corberó has not hesitated to participate in various social awareness campaigns in recent years. She is a feminist, which is why she is a regular contributor to the women’s rights movement. In 2018, for example, he supported the #AbortoLegalYa initiative in favor of the legalization of abortion in Argentina and recorded a video with other personalities.

It has also contributed its two cents to the fight against breast cancer or childhood cancer. Another topic that he usually supports is the protection of the environment and he has worked together with Greenpeace and other events such as the international We Art Water festival to raise awareness about the importance of caring for our planet.

We can once again enjoy Úrsula Corberó in action with the premiere of season 5 of The Money Heist and Netflix.

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