Sister Rangoli Chandel to file a case against designer boycotting Kangana Ranaut

Sister Rangoli Chandel to file a case against designer boycotting Kangana Ranaut

On Tuesday, Twitter suspended Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account. Kangana left Twitter, but there is a ruckus on her on this social media platform. After Kangana’s account is suspended, she is constantly in trend. Amidst the backlash, Anand Bhushan, a fashion designer, announced that he would never work with Kangana in the future.

Anand also released a statement related to this on Twitter. Now Kangana’s sister Rangoli has threatened to file a court case against this designer. Rangoli says that Kangana has no working relationship with this designer.

Rangoli posted information in this regard in an Instagram story. He wrote – This person named Anand Bhushan is trying to take advantage of Kangana’s name. We are not attached to it in any way. Don’t even know it Several effective handles are tagging her and dragging Kangana’s name with her brand. Kangana charges crores for brand endorsement, but editorial shoots are not an endorsement.

Neither do we choose those clothes. Magazine editors decide the look and costume. This small design is using the name of India’s top actress for its promotion. I will file a case against it and it has to be proved in court when and where we have endorsed it so that it is now talking about separation. See you in court Anand Anand.

In another post, Rangoli shared Anand’s Twitter post and wrote – Tum ho Kaun Anand Bhushan? I am going to file a case against you for illegally using Kangana’s pictures. Let me tell you, Twitter has suspended his account permanently on Kangana’s tweets regarding violence in West Bengal. Earlier, Rangoli’s Twitter account has also been suspended a few months ago.


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