Six family movies to watch at the cinema to say goodbye to summer

We compile our favorite movies from the billboard to say goodbye to family vacations from a movie theater.

The holidays come to an end with a somewhat stormy weather that invites you to take refuge again in the movie theaters. This, together with the great variety and quality of premieres that we have been experiencing in recent weeks, make the family cinema option really tempting. We have reviewed the billboard and we propose our five favorites to go to the movies with the family. From hooligan animation, to action and adventures or even options for the little ones in the house to have their first cinephile experience.

The Olchis

They’re green, they like to blow snot, and they love stinky. In fact they live in a landfill, when they travel they do it on the back of a dragon and as a garnish they usually take grated tire. Are The Olchis, peculiar characters created by the German cartoonist Erhard Dietl whose book The Olchis of Pestiland, has been turned into a film and arrives at the cinema this weekend: The Olchis

These characters, a whole entity in Germany where there is a whole literary saga with their adventures, face in this audiovisual adventure the difficult task of finding a new home. It is not an easy task for them, since nobody wants them around because of their smell. A hooligan, fun and eschatological film that will delight the little ones in the house. And a nice way to prepare a somewhat subversive back to school.

Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise has been Disney’s adventure movie for this summer. With a bit of Indiana Jones, a bit of The Mummy, a pinch of The African Queen and a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean, this film is the perfect excuse to fill up on popcorn and be fascinated by the show movies. Starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Jhonson, its success has been such that Disney has already committed a second part.

Inspired by attraction Jungle Cruise, from Disney amusement parks, will remind parents of their beloved Indiana Jones, albeit with gender roles more suited to the 21st century. A perfect plan to remember the thousand summer adventures at the hands of this explorer botanist and her captain, a bit of a pirate, who will have to face the mysteries of the jungle to find a mythical flower capable of curing all diseases.

Boss Baby: Family Business

The second part of Boss Baby has lost some of the surprise effect of the first, but continues to fascinate with its executive baby. This time around, Big Boss Baby siblings Tim and Ted have grown up. Tim and his wife Carol live with their gifted 7-year-old daughter Tabitha and the youngest of the house, baby Tina.

Although the Templetons do not have the wonderful relationship they had as children, Tabitha has idealized her Uncle Ted and when she grows up she wants to be like him and be the director of a great business. But all the attention falls on Tina, who is a secret BabyCorp super agent and turns her father and uncle back into babies to involve them in her mission. In it they will try to unmask the school of their sister and its mysterious owner, Dr. Erwin Armstrong. Tim and Ted will go back to their old ways, but this time accompanied by a new family. A nice way to reminisce about old times and make a little chive grandpa with your kids.

The Canine Patrol

We can say that the film version of the extremely successful television series will fascinate children and adults alike, as in the preceding cases. But for adults to be as fascinated by the experience as their children, we must change our point of view. For the little ones, the experience is on the screen, but for the adults, the show will be more in the stalls where the little ones clap, shout, jump and laugh with full enjoyment and self-confidence.

The film preserves the structure of the series: problem, mission, paw patrol in action, the adventure goes well and everyone is happy. But with a plot maintained throughout the film, in which Mayor Humdinger will surely remind us of some of those we endure in real life.


The series of our childhood comes to theaters reconverted into an animated film. Based on cartoons from the 80s, it includes some of the adventures and has the same characters created by Claudio Biern, also creator of David the Gnome and Willy Fogg.

The story is the same as the animated series. The young D’Artacán travels to Paris with the aim of becoming a “muskedog”. There he meets the three muskedogs Amis, Pontos and Dogos, with whom he will have many adventures as he faces the plans of Cardinal Richelieu. In addition, he will also meet and fall in love with Juliet, a maiden of the queen. In this proposal the key is to be able to share and remember as a family.


The latest Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, has all the ingredients for a pleasure shared with the elders of the house -it is recommended from the age of 12- It includes fascinating fantastic creatures, martial arts, laughter , action, adventure and also a good message for reflection.

The film tells the story of the son of a world terrorist leader, who tries to flee from his destiny and wants to get away from his father at all costs. But it is difficult to escape who we are, and Shang-Chi will learn it by traveling to its origins. A perfect proposal to share fun, enjoyment and laughter.