Sofia Hayat slams Salman Khan, accuses Randeep Hooda of ruining his career

Sofia Hayat slams Salman Khan, accuses Randeep Hooda of ruining his career

No one dares to say the opposite thing about Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan. It is said that people who want to stay in the industry have to respect Bhaijaan. For many years, Salman Khan has been talking about himself, but now it seems that his own domination is going against him. You already know about the tweet made by Kamal R Khan. The fight between these two has reached the court.

After KRK, now actress Sofia Hayat has also opened her mouth against Bhaijaan. Sofia Hayat has accused Salman Khan of making shoddy films as well as ruining the career of Randeep Hooda. Sofia has said that Randeep has to stay in the industry, which is why he did a bad film like Radhe because if he had turned down the role, he would have been thrown out of the industry. Salman has ruined his career by getting Randeep to play such an absurd character.

Sofia Hayat has also accused Salman Khan of working with girls half her age. Sofia has asked Salman Khan when will he start working with beauties of his age?

The actress has also accused Bhaijaan of using festivals like Eid for their profits. According to Sofia, Salman Khan brings his film every year on Eid. He takes advantage of religious festivals so that his film earns more. He uses rubbish lines and old scenes in his films. Nothing new happens in his films. After watching the trailer of Radhe, I was just thinking that I have seen all this before.

There has been no response from Bhaijaan for Sofia Hayat’s attack but her fans are venting anger on the actress. It has to be seen at which point the fight between Sofia Hayat and Bhaijaan will stop?


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