Soprano confides to be the father of a child born under X: “I do not know if he is alive”

the essential
This Sunday, August 29, Soprano was the guest of the show Seven to eight on TF1. He spoke about his first child, born under X when he was only 16 years old. The 42-year-old singer said he is still looking for him.

“We had a child at 16. We were too young. It was complicated.” Soprano said with emotion, explaining that the mother had decided to place the child in the DDAS without having warned him.

“Maybe one day I will find him”

“French law means that if the child was born under X, I didn’t recognize him, I’m not the father. I can’t do anything. That’s what hurt me the most,” he testifies. A procedure which legally deprives Soprano of his status as a father. A personal drama with which he still lives today: “At the moment, I do not know if he is alive, if he is in good health. It is something complicated”, laments the singer.

A baby born under X to whom the Marseille artist has written a song: “Parle-moi” (2007). A moving title which is addressed to all fathers separated from their children.