Stephen Amell confesses about his controversial plane incident: “I drank too much and I am ashamed”

The actor has explained that it was not a reciprocal discussion with his wife, but that it was 100% his fault and that he is sorry.

The ex of Arrow and current protagonist of the Starz Heels series Stephen Amell has wanted to confess about the controversial incident that he carried out last June aboard a plane in Austin, Texas, when the crew of a Delta Airlines flight was forced to expel him from the passage of which he was a part as a result of the strong fight he starred in with his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell.

The interpreter has wanted break his silence regarding the unpleasant situation that he starred inside the plane and clarify what happened, showing that in no case was it a reciprocal discussion between him and his wife, but that it was he who unilaterally wanted to start a fight, upset by something that he does not even remember now. The Canadian actor explained in his visit to the podcast of fellow actor Michael Rosenbaum, Inside of You, in which he has not been slow to address the incident and show regret.

I wanted to find a way to talk about this because what happened, and it is very simple, is that I drank too much, I drank too much in a public place. And I got on a plane

This is how Amell summarized the reason for his controversial incident before giving more details. “The reason I wanted to talk about it is because I was angry about something that had nothing to do with Cass, my wife, and I looked for the fight,” he confesses, assuring that he does not remember the reason for his state of mind. “I looked for a fight because I wanted to be loud and annoying. And it was a fight, not an argument. To have a discussion, two people have to be talking. My wife said only one thing in total, which was: ‘If you don’t lower your voice, they are going to ask you to leave the plane.’ It’s the only thing he said during all that time. “

As the ex of Arrow About the time in his life when he was the furthest from being a hero, an airline worker approached him while the plane was still motionless to ask him to lower his voice. “Obviously Cass was right. He was being loud. He was probably blurting out a few tacos. […] I was quiet for 10 minutes, but a man came back. It had clearly made someone uncomfortable and someone had said something and they just made the decision: ‘You have to get off the plane.’

“I am telling this story because I am frankly and deeply ashamed of it.”, Amell sentenced before ending the story by explaining that He returned home on another flight where he also learned that the unpleasant incident he had starred in was going to come to light and become news.

And precisely the way in which it came to light and the comments that he himself made later on Twitter are what have led Amell to want to explain himself in more detail, since he needs to clarify that it was not a discussion with his wife, that all it was his fault. “I found out that it was going to come out in TMZ, and when I found out, and the reason I want to mention it is because in the only thing I said about it on the internet, I referred to it as an argument between my wife and me, and it wasn’t “Amell clarifies in reference to a ‘tweet’ in which he said: “My wife and I argued on Monday afternoon on a Delta flight from Austin to Los Angeles. They asked me to lower my voice and I did. About 10 minutes Then they asked me to leave the flight. And I did it immediately. They didn’t take me out by force. “

It wasn’t an argument … This was 100% my fault. I feel like it came from having spent 10 years without being an idiot in public. And I was an idiot in public

“It’s really embarrassing,” he adds, being aware that it could have ruined his career. “It makes you look in the mirror. And I realized a couple of things: If people are going to recognize you, don’t drink in a public place, but more importantly, don’t do it if you can’t handle your shit. “