Summary of ‘La Casa de Papel’: Everything you need to know before the premiere of season 5

The Professor’s band returns to Netflix with new episodes on September 3. What do you have to keep in mind?

The Band is about to return. On September 3, we will once again enter the Bank of Spain, where the biggest robbery of the century is taking place. We talk, of course, about season 5 of The Money Heist, whose premiere is just around the corner. The last episodes ended in a frantic way and now it’s time to step on the accelerator again to live the final stretch. Don’t you know how the situation turned out in the fourth installment? In the blink of an eye we experience the death of one character, the catching of another and the generalized crossroads of the protagonists. But we go in parts.

Do you remember Gandía? The group faces an unbeatable enemy, César Gandía (José Manuel Poga), the Head of Security for the governor of the Bank of Spain. He is willing to give himself up to prevent thieves from getting away with it and shows that he has no scruples. After several episodes of unbridled battle, kill Nairobi (Alba Flores), orphaning more than one in the audience.

On the other hand, Lisboa (Itziar Ituño) is being held by the police. Thanks to the so-called Paris Plan, a new group of the El Professor gang makes their way through an underground tunnel and manages to rescue her to return it to the Bank of Spain. Now yes, with her again at the helm, the Band has a better chance of succeeding.

Last but not least, in the closing moments of season four the unexpected happens: Inspector SierraNajwa Nimri) has found the hiding place of The Professor (Alvaro Death) and points him with his weapon. We do not know what their intentions are, but as it appears in the progress of the new episodes, torture and violence will be the order of the day. His “Checkmate son of a bitch” leaves no room for doubt.

A camouflaged soldier and Alicia Sierra’s past: theories of what could happen in season 5 of ‘La Casa de Papel’

Therefore, the situation that we will encounter in the fifth installment of The Money Heist It is very difficult for the band of robbers. They are in low hours, with several of their own killed or captured, morale in the ground and a war that they do not know if it exceeds them. The arrival of Lisbon is sure to help motivate and direct the coup that El Professor and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) took so long to design.

On September 3 we will be able to discover on Netflix how the assault continues, meanwhile, speculations prepare us for what is to come. The titles of the first five episodes help the theories: ‘The end of the road’, ‘Do you believe in reincarnation?’, ‘The spectacle of life’, ‘Your place in heaven’, ‘Live many lives’. Something tells us that hope is the last thing to be lost.

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