Thappad movie download by the website Filmywap

Thappad movie download by the website Filmywap

There has been a great deal of discussion of the incident of Kabir, the protagonist of last year’s ‘Kabir Singh’ movie, in the face of the girl he loves – Preeti.

There were both those who supported such an attitude as well as those who opposed it. It’s been a few days now since the discussion stopped, but one important issue has come up again in conjunction with the release of the movie ‘ Thappad ‘ by Anubhav Sinha.

One should never accept ‘slaps’ on their faces, especially when it involves men, boys, husbands, and lovers with uncharacteristic attitudes. Those ‘slaps’, which create confusion and confusion in the mind, which do not only reflect on the society at large; it stands in front of the reflection of the individual’s thoughts and feelings.

Thappad movie download

The writers Mrinmayee Lagu and Anubhav Sinha have taken careful measures to make sure that no exaggeration should be used while writing this movie.

It is why, apart from the business math of Bollywood, if you turn the whole thing into a story, I feel His writing has become really courageous and relevant. In a patriarchal society, women are only taught to bow down, directly or indirectly.

This teaching is also received from women like her mother and in-law. What would happen if she made a great effort to treat everyone with respect and understanding? This movie tells and illustrates this.

In telling the parable, the writer presents an element that stresses the importance of standing up for what is right or wrong without proving either is right or wrong. However, both writer Mrinmayee Lagu and director Anubhav Sinha avoid any metaphors in making their point. He has not only informed the reader about the original story, but also the possibility that the subplot might be of relevance to the original story.

It was just a slap, my love. Is there anything I can do?” Amrita (Tapasi Pannu) Says to her husband Asam Vikram (Pavel Gulati). There is information in the movie ‘Thappad’ that gives reasons for why the slap was given.

In the film’s trailer, it seems that the movie focuses on domestic abuse, but this is not the case in the original movie. Vikram lives with his wife Amrita, and mother-in-law Tanvi Azmi, her life revolves around her husband. She relies on him to determine her every move.

She is currently dreaming of setting up a house in the region she and her husband live in. As a housewife, Amrita has chosen to spend her time with her husband. In this way, she focuses quite a bit on her career.

Vikram is also hardworking and ambitious, so the party was organized at home to mark the dream of going abroad becoming a reality. But, he also finds out at the party that his dream of becoming a local abroad might not come true.

As a result, he raises his hand on Amrita, who has gained some insight on Vikram, who is arguing drunk in the company of associates. Amrita was stunned by this act that happened directly in front of everyone reading this. Amrita finds the shock unbearable.

When her smile vanishes, Vikram tries to follow the action he took by trying to mimic his actions. Despite that, nobody ever asks Vikram for an answer. Amrita, who has lost her happiness as this resulted from all these issues, leaves her father-in-law to look for herself and decides to break the record.

Netra Rajhans (Maya Sarao) helps Amrita with this legal case. What becomes of Amrita now? If she gets a legal divorce, on what basis? Or does she come back to Vikram?

The movie ‘Thappad’ also gives answers to some such questions. How important it is to strike at the very beginning of such an act to eradicate domestic violence. This underscores the ‘slap’. The writing of the movie should be appreciated. The director who shows other possible aspects of the same incident is also amazing.

Besides the original story and sub-story, the author imparted his idea into the film through the use of his sub-story. Along with Amrita, ‘Behind the Scenes’ also tells the story of six other women in the movie.

The performance of Tapasi Pannu in the film ‘Thappad’ is much better than his work today. This movie inspires us to stare into the darkness within our thoughts.

This movie in itself is as illuminating and overwhelmingly powerful as it is entertaining. It should not only be viewed by men and women alike, but everyone should watch it.


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