The 10 best series we will see in September 2021

‘La Fortuna’, ‘Star Wars: Visions’ and the returns of ‘La Casa de Papel’, ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Sex Education’, among the most outstanding premieres. But there is more.

If you are a category seriéfilo, watch out for the month of September that we have ahead. Although the summer months have not been bad for being “low season”, going back to school seems very busy. And not only because of the arrival of new and long-awaited series such as the HBO remake of the Swedish Secrets of a marriage starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, the ambitious graphic novel adaptation Y: The last man or the first anime of the Star Wars franchise.

Amazon Prime Video: All series premiered in September 2021

The month of September is also absolutely starring in comebacks. Some of them among the most anticipated of the year. Or if not that they tell the loyal followers of The Money Heist around the world, who will finally be able to enjoy the premiere of the first part of the last season. Likewise, audience bombings also return to Netflix Sex Education and Lucifer, with its third and sixth seasons respectively.

In addition, Alejandro Amenábar premieres his first series, The Fortune, in Movistar +. Does it seem little to you? There is more. Discover the 10 series that you cannot miss in September 2021 below:

Secrets of a marriage

In 1973, Ingmar Bergman wrote and directed a Swedish miniseries starring Liv Ullman and Erland Josephson based on the experience of his own marriage. Later, the director turned the fiction into a movie. Now, Secrets of a marriage returns with a ‘remake’ and a cast led by Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. The miniseries, which hits HBO in September, examines themes like love, hate, desire, monogamy and divorce through the perspective of a couple in America today.

Premiere: September 13 on HBO Spain

The Fortune

Highly anticipated series developed by Alejandro Amenábar in his debut behind the cameras for a project for the small screen. What else can we say? Well, actually, many things, since La Furtuna is a mixture of the most sugary ingredients that has made it the only series present in the Official Section of the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Festival that is held this September. .

In addition to the Oscar-winning Amenábar as the main architect behind the cameras, the series stars a cast that combines national actors -Álvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa and Karra Elejalde- with North American actors of the stature of Stanley Tucci, Clarke Peters and the British T ‘ Nia Miller. But it is that, if that were not enough, his spine is an ambitious story that promises to be the most. In it, a young diplomat unexpectedly becomes the leader of a mission to recover the underwater treasure stolen by Frank Wild.

Premiere: September 30 at Movistar +

Sex Education – Season 3

Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey and Gillian Anderson also return to the platform of the N, with the third season of Sex Education. A new installment that arrives ready to continue making its fans fall in love and that promises the most interesting plots thanks to the changes that the Moordale Institute will experience with the arrival of the new director, Hope Haddon, ready to restore order in the center.

For Otis (Butterfield) and his colleagues, Haddon’s arrival will present a new challenge to face in their busy student lives. As if it weren’t enough to adapt to wearing a uniform, to the new standards and to the new academic goals, with a higher level, Otis will also have to prepare for the arrival of his new brother, without forgetting to continue discovering everything that hides the exciting world of sexuality.

Premiere: September 17 on Netflix

Netflix: All series premiered in September 2021

Star Wars: Visions

New bet within the Star Wars franchise and probably one of the most original in its history, since, for the first time, it is a Japanese anime. The series is made up of a collection of short films that in turn have been developed by important anime studios, such as Kamikaze Douga or Geno Studio (Twin Engine), among others, which will be in charge of providing different styles and recognizable characteristics of the genre that promise to delight fans.

Of course, all of them set in a galaxy very, very far away.

Premiere: September 22 on Disney +

The Money Heist – Season 5 – Volume 1

One of the series that returns this September is The Money Heist. And he does it in style with his fifth and final season. The last batch of episodes of the successful fiction created by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato will put an end to the television adventure of the group of red monkey robbers led by El Professor, whom on this occasion they will not be able to count on, having been arrested by the authorities.

Undoubtedly, showing the one who one day brought them together as a team, to carry out one of the most surprising robberies of all time, will be one of the compelling reasons that will help the protagonists not to give up in the final moments of their mission. . And it is that, after the events of the fourth installment, the robbers are trapped in the Bank of Spain, while many members of the army have been stationed around the emblematic building to prevent their escape.

Premiere: September 3 on Netflix

Teenage Euthanasia

Adult Swim, the same people behind Rick & Morty, are the creators of Teenage Euthanasia, a series that promises to be one of the craziest to date. The fiction, set in the near future, follows the Fantasy family, the owners of the Tender Endings funeral home. The clan consists of Grandmother Baba, her sons Pete and Trophy, and the latter’s teenage daughter Euthanasia. When Trophy was a teenager, she ran away from home after giving birth to her daughter, causing Euthanasia to be raised by her uncle Pete and her grandmother Baba. 15 years later, Trophy returns home for a burial: his! Thanks to a lightning bolt and a tear from his daughter, Trophy comes back to life with different powers and a second chance to be with Euthanasia.

Premiere: September 24 on HBO Spain

HBO Releases: All Movies and Series Coming in September 2021

Lucifer – Season 6

Without a doubt, it seems that September is going to be the month of comebacks and goodbyes on Netflix. Another fiction that is back, to say goodbye forever, is Lucifer. The series starring Tom Ellis will close its journey on the platform with the ten episodes that are part of the long-awaited sixth season.

A season in which we can see the new facet of Lucifer (Ellis) as the almighty God. After the “retirement” of his father, and having disputed with his twin brother, Michael, the coveted position as “ruler of the universe,” Lucifer will have to show how good he is at doing good. Not an easy task when you begin to discover the amount of setbacks and enemies that can cross your path.

Premiere: September 10 on Netflix

Voltaire High

September is a month that, specifically on Amazon Prime Video, is more marked by the arrival of original feature films from Amazon Studios, but stands out among its new series Voltaire High, a French fiction called Mixed in its original version and that responds to the subgenre of the series ‘teen’ in a much less common way to which we are used. In this fiction we can forget about the typical high school problems that remind us – albeit a little – of our adolescent self, since the context is completely different.

Set in 1963, Voltaire High tells a story framed in a historical milestone: the first time that the elite Voltaire institute in France admitted girls to its student body. Thus, the viewer will accompany 11 female students as they enter a school in which until then 100% of the students had been boys and they have always been accustomed to that being the case.

Premiere: September 10 on Amazon Prime Video

Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man is one of the most famous comic series by author and screenwriter Brian K. Vaughan and, although its adaptation to the small screen has been accompanied by several stones along the way, the truth is that it is finally a reality that is dated in Spain thanks to Disney + (its original channel is FX for Hulu). We may already be covered with post-apocalyptic stories, but the truth is that the premise of the fiction is different and interesting: What would happen if all men on Earth disappeared?

That is precisely what happens in Y: The last man, in which a strange disease suddenly ends with the Y chromosome all over the world. Only one man remains alive, Yodrick, and his existence will be essential for the survival of the race, yes, but above all to discover what has happened and how the terrible situation can be reversed.

Premiere: September 22 on Disney +

American Horror Story: Double Feature

Not one, but two elements of horror intertwine in the new installment, the tenth now, of Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror series: Aliens and Sirens. The terrifying advances of the FX chain, responsible for its broadcast in the USA, promised so, although with the usual level of mystery and secrecy that has always characterized the series.

However, in the trailer, which you can see on these lines we finally got some more information about the plot of Double Feature: a writer in distress (Finn Wittrock) moves in together with his pregnant wife (Lily Rabe) and their daughter ( Ryan Kiera Armstrong) to a small town on Cape Cod for a winter away from town. There, the family begins to realize that strange things happen there, while also meeting the peculiar inhabitants of the city.

Premiere: September 22 on Disney + (VOSE)

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