The actors say goodbye to ‘Love is in the air’: Good friends, good memories and a lot of emotion

‘Sen Çal Kapimi’ has reached its end and the cast members wanted to say goodbye to this particular family.

On Wednesday, September 8, the last episode of You steal my door, what in Spain we know as Love is in the air. After many ups and downs in their relationship, we saw what fate had prepared for Eda and Serkan Bolat. It has been a happy ending on screen, but bittersweet in real life, as the actors have had to say goodbye to the family they had created on the set and the fans also have to accept that they will no longer have dates with them. protagonists.

In short, it is the end of a stage and the cast members of the Turkish soap opera have wanted to dedicate some messages to their followers. Most are grateful for the support they have been given for so long. Love is in the air It is not the series of its kind with the most audience -at least in Spain and Turkey-, but it is the one that causes the most stir on social networks. In fact, the last episode has achieved the record of being the most commented on Twitter in history, surpassing Game of Thrones.

‘Love is in the air’ has broken a record that belonged to ‘Game of Thrones’

Kerem Bürsin is one of those who has put the most effort into his message. “Thinking of all the amazing and positive memories this series has created in my life, the only word that comes to mind is: thank you! Thanks to everyone who worked on the series, my family, and thanks to the incredible international family that we have become “, he has written to all his followers on his Twitter account. Of course, with the hashtag they have used to break the record.

Hande Erçel has not written a special message in the last hours, but he also wanted to collaborate with the hashtag proposed by the fans and, during the night of the broadcast, he shared his # SonKezSenÇalKapımı ‘tweet’ accompanied by a simple red heart, giving to understand that I also thanked them for the support they have given them in the last year.

For his part, Elçin Afacan, the actress who has played the endearing Melo, has shared some words full of emotion. “I love you so much, no more words are needed. I don’t want to part.”, has written next to the image of the recording of the last episode and a photo taken when they got together to see the last chapter.

Anıl İlter, the unforgettable Engin, has uploaded the same image as his partner Afacan, but with the following words: “We’re done this week. I’m not saying ‘New next week’ but goodbye. Call us, please.”.

Alican Aytekin has focused his dedication on his character: “Goodbye Seyfi … You gave me a lot, very good friends, you made me collect good memories, laugh so much together that sometimes we even had to interrupt filming. It’s time to say goodbye, you you also have a great place in me. ” It is the same way that Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, better known as Pyryl, has chosen to say goodbye.

“The person I think about the most every day for the last year and a half. You gave me many friends, two songs, a prize and the most beautiful thing in my heart. Thank you for everything,” says Gümülcinelioğlu in a post on his account. Instagram, “My eyes are full of tears. My beloved audience supported, watched and did not leave us alone for 52 episodes. Part of our job is separation, but we always let it find us again“.

Goodbye to Eda and Serkan: This has been the final chapter of ‘Love is in the air’

A nice way to say goodbye to a stage that has changed everyone’s life.

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