The actress Michèle Bernier candidate for the presidential election? Internet users confuse her with Michel Barnier

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The chief negotiator of the European Union, the LR Michel Barnier, will be a candidate for the primary to embark on the presidential race of 2022. Internet users have joked by confusing the politician with the actress Michèle Bernier.

The story does not say whether the confusion made Michèle Bernier laugh or not. We can think so when we know the humor of the actress. A few days ago, the right-wing primary for the 2022 presidential election was enriched by an additional candidate: Michel Barnier.

Former Minister of the Environment, Foreign Affairs or Agriculture, former European Commissioner, he is currently the chief negotiator of the European Union. He is running as Valérie Pécresse, Eric Ciotti or Philippe Juvin, the investiture of the Republicans for the presidential election.

Internet users, teasing, inattentive or intentionally in bad faith, pretended to confuse Michel Barnier with Michèle Bernier.

I read too quickly and I thought that Michèle Bernier was introducing herself and I was not even shocked, which is to say the political state of this country.

— Wesh Madame ! (@weshmadame) August 26, 2021

I vaguely heard this morning that Michèle Bernier was running for the 2022 presidential election? ?#Presidentielle2022

— JL Troog ud83dudd38 (@jl_troog) August 26, 2021

Total disappointment ud83d ude11
I understood Michèle Bernier
Our national Moumoune ud83d ude0d
She would have been at the top!@Bernier_Michele

— gabatchous (@gabatchous) August 26, 2021

Invited by “Télématin” to present her play “Vive demain”, Michèle Bernier reacted with humor and confirmed that she … would not run for president next year.

Michèle Bernier candidate for the Elysée? The laughter would have been guaranteed!