The big comeback of JMLS concerts

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After a year and a half of famine, pop, rock and variety concerts are back. The Bikini reopened on Tuesday, the Casino Barrière, it will be this weekend and the Zénith on September 22. But the fall will be further complicated, with ticket sales remaining very sluggish.

Let’s start with an optimistic note, brought by Carole Chauvy, artistic director of the casino-theater Barrière, in Toulouse: “There has been a quiver for a few days. People call us to find out about our programming, sales are gradually resuming. Afterwards. 18 months of restriction, we finally feel a desire to meet in a performance hall and share emotions. “

However, nothing to ignite: “It is not the rush. It would take several weeks for the idea of ​​going out to really gain ground. Those who have gone to see a show will automatically convince those around them.”

This sensation, Sophie Valensi, co-director of Bleu Citron, a production and distribution company for shows, felt it live, Wednesday evening, at the Bikini, during the Therapy Taxi concert: “It was the first concert in almost conditions. normal for a long time and, in a few moments, I forgot everything about the past months. The atmosphere was great; we all wanted to dance. I missed it a lot but I was no longer aware of it. exit, and I was not the only one in this case, I said to myself: When is the next one? “

Although the programming of the rooms is relatively rich, there is therefore a lot of communication work to be done with spectators who are still reluctant. “In July, we had tried a few concerts in reduced gauge, explains Antoine Fantuz, programmer of the Bikini. We were very happy to resume but disappointed by the attendance. The public was a little lost by the health constraints which kept changing. We must continue to reassure them, to guide them, to make them want to resume their habits. It’s a challenge, but I’m sure more and more of them will take the plunge. “

Today, health requirements seem to have finally stabilized. Everywhere, of course, the health pass is mandatory, which does not cause annoyance or reproach if we believe

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