The Bouyssou. The Twins unveil their new clip

We remember the release of the song “To our city” by the Twins in December 2020 in tribute to their father and to Decazeville. Song written by their guitarist and arranger Hervé Bézamat. Since then, several hundred copies have been sold: “We would like to thank the Decazeville traders who played the game well and are still playing it by selling our song. We also thank the mayor of Decazeville for his trust”, indicate Gilles and Jérôme Noël, who have just completed the video clip of the song: “We contacted Julie Gibergues of the choir” The Voices “of Villefranche-de-Rouergue to run the same children (Elliot; Valentine; Emilie; Eliette) that we had recorded during the single. She helped us as much for the authorizations of the parents as to direct them on the set. We thank her for it “. The video clip will be visible this Friday on the Facebook page (type group Les Jumeaux), on Youtube (type Les Jumeaux à notre ville) and on

The confinement has not spared the artistic activities of the Twins: “For two years, we have been faced with cancellations of concerts but also the cancellation of the majority of educational projects in the schools that we have been providing for nearly 20 years. It’s a real heartbreak! Just like the lack of contact with the public. Fortunately, some organizers have implemented measures that have allowed us to go on stage. The health crisis prompted the Twins to put a new string to their bow, by giving singing lessons at home for all ages. “It is an introduction to the voice but also to scenic expression. It is open to amateurs and professionals alike. Jérôme on the Aveyron sector and Gilles on the Lot area”. The latter is in fact installed in Bouyssou. On the project side, the Twins are in writing for their 6th album.

Contacts: 07 68 80 15 39 (Jérôme) and 06 81 50 65 02 (Gilles) and