The creator of ‘The Ministry of Time’ will adapt Fernando Gamboa’s mystery novel ‘The Last Crypt’ to television

Javier Olivares, together with producer Eulogio Romero, will bring this historical adventure story to the small screen.

The adventures of Ulises Vidal come to life. Variety has exclusively confirmed that Javier Olivares, creator of The ministry of time, will be in charge of adapting the novel to a television series The last crypt by the writer Fernando Gamboa. It is one of the best-selling books of recent years in Spain -more than 400,000 copies sold-, so there are many who will be pending the project.

It is a mystery and history novel that engages through its unknowns and the way it teaches the customs of different parts of the world. But what is it about? The last crypt is set on the coast of Honduras, where the diver Ulises Vidal finds a Templar bell from the year 1300. This discovery leads him to investigate its provenance and, with the help of a Mexican anthropologist and a Spaniard specialized in Medieval times, he arrives at a surprising finding: the Templars discovered America long before Christopher Columbus.

As Olivares says, the project connects directly with his inner child, since adventure and travel stories were a fundamental part of his childhood entertainment. “The first movie I saw as a child was King Solomon’s Mines. The first books of my childhood were those of Emilio Salgari and Jules Verne. I grew up with thousands of adventures in my head, which sparked my imagination. The last crypt connects directly with those memories “, assures the creator.

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Bringing Gamboa’s story to the screen is a complex task, but Olivares says they have the necessary ingredients. “Working with Fernando Gamboa’s text and hand in hand with El Estudio means having imaginative people as fellow travelers, passionate about storytelling and a job well done. Only in this way can such an ambitious story be realized“.

Both Gamboa and Olivares share the same background, as they have both grown up with the same adventure stories and have the same motivation to explore new places. One physically and the other through narration.

The last crypt is the first installment of a trilogy that is completed with The black city and The latest revelation. The protagonists explore faraway countries, which poses quite a production challenge. The series will be shot in natural settings in Spain, Mexico, the United States, Central America and North Africa. Details about the premiere date or the names of the cast are not yet known.