The creators of ‘La Casa de Papel’ did not know how to end the series: The script changed until the last minute

Farewell to the biggest robbery in Spanish fiction is approaching. If the action is already through the roof, what can happen in the latest episode of the Netflix series?

After two major deaths, an unbeatable enemy, the most hated character half dead, and the great villain out of the game, what else can happen in The Money Heist? The Netflix series is heading towards its end. After the five episodes premiered on the streaming platform on September 3, the last five will arrive on December 3. Which, they have already been warning us, are going to be full of “jarana”.

Pedro Alonso on a spin-off of ‘La Casa de Papel’ with Patrick Criado: “How much do you want me to mess with this answer?”

The question here is how they are going to end the story of the band of El Profesor (Álvaro Morte). Denver (Jaime Lorente), Helsinki (Darko Perić), Stockholm (Esther Acebo), Manila (Belén Cuesta) and Rio (Miguel Herrán) are in an extreme situation and, as spectators, we cannot imagine how they will get out of it. In an interview with SensaCine, Patrick Criado -who plays Rafael, the son of Berlin- has acknowledged that the actors experienced something very similar when filming the series. And, in fact, Pedro Alonso (Berlin) has revealed that not even the creators knew how it could end.

“It is a series that is being cooked as it is done. It is a different process from the one I have had when I have worked on other occasions. What we live and what we are faced with when we are filming and when scripts come to us – we do not know well what is going to happen and you surprise yourself reading – it is going to be something similar to what the viewer is going to feel“, Criado tells this medium.

Your partner, Pedro AlonsoHe adds that the process has been against the clock. The creators weren’t quite sure how to close the story and made numerous changes.

So much so that, Álex Pina has publicly confessed, we were filming giving everything and the direction department demanded the latest version of chapter 10 and it did not arrive because they did not have it. They didn’t know how it ended. They had various ideas, of course, as is normal, but they didn’t quite set up in the way that satisfied them. They did and still then they changed it

Watching the action that has dominated season 5 of The Money Heist and the threads that remain loose, we are not surprised at all that the scriptwriters were working until the last minute to give the series the best possible ending. Nobody knows what will happen and expectations are high. The millions of fans he has managed to gather in front of a screen are waiting for The Professor’s plan to end successfully. If not for the robber team, at least for the spectators.

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The first five episodes of the fifth season of The Money Heist are now available on Netflix. There are less than three months to see the five and last remaining.

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