The CSA warns CNews against “the absence of diversity of the points of view expressed” in two emissions of Pascal Praud

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The CSA warns CNews against “the absence of diversity of the points of view expressed” in two emissions of Pascal Praud. This is not the first time the Canal + group’s news channel is called to order.

The Superior Audiovisual Council reminds CNews to order, in a decision published this Friday, August 27. The continuous news channel is warned against “the lack of diversity in the points of view expressed” in two programs by Pascal Praud about a controversial military platform.

The CSA was alerted to a sequence of the show Time for the pros airs April 26, 2021 on CNews. This alert occurred a few days after posting in Current values of a text against “the disintegration” of France signed according to the weekly by “more than a thousand” soldiers, including one “twenty generals”.

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Pascal Praud, the presenter of the channel devoted his editorial to this column. The latter had been the subject of many controversies in the political class. The presenter then gave the floor to its instigator: Jean-Pierre Fabre-Bernadac. On the set, intervened Jean Messiha, a former executive of the National Rally (RN), Jacques Séguéla, an advertiser, Elisabeth Lévy, founder and editorial director of Causeur, Matthieu Valet, deputy national secretary of the independent union of police commissioners , and Gilbert Collard, RN MEP.

CNews has already been the subject of numerous calls to order

The audiovisual regulator reminds the channel of its duties to ensure “respect for an honest presentation of controversial issues, in particular by ensuring the expression of different points of view by journalists, presenters, hosts or on-air collaborators. “. In this case, “taking into account the controversial nature of the remarks made by the author of the debated forum”, the CSA considered that there was an absence of diversity of the points of view expressed by the participants. The obligation was therefore breached.

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On May 3, 2021, the subject was raised again during the show, with the same speakers and similar ideas, which “came to consolidate” the finding of the CSA.

Cnews is not its first warning. The channel of the Canal + group, controlled by billionaire Vincent Boloré, had already been called to order for clandestine advertising, and been put on notice for having given too much voice to Philippe Ballard, RN candidate for the regional elections in Ile-de-France. of France. After remarks in 2020 by her polemicist Eric Zemmour on unaccompanied minor migrants, she was also fined 200,000 euros for “incitement to hatred” and “violence”.